Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Changing Directions...

Josh and I have decided to take our trip to another level- we've created a webpage. You'll be able to see photos that we have taken in a full format, slide show form, I will still be blogging about the adventures on this site, and maybe Josh will contribute his two cents...

I can't figure out how to transfer this blog over... or if I even can. But one way or the other, it's going to be a way cooler way to follow our trip. The best part is I can work on it when I'm not around the Internet, and then just post it when I am, thus making the updates and pictures come much more frequently. Check it out, email me with feedback and/or tips and subscribe to my blog over there via the RSS feed.

We're about to shift gears on our trip as well. We're now in the east at my mother's house. It's lush and green and we have cable and swimming pool access and a full kitchen and my friends from this era of my life and I get to share it all with my boyfriend. It's nostalgic and awesome to be here in Birmingham! From here, we're heading north through the Appalachian Mountains to do some hiking and swimming hole finding, maybe some more music festivals, etc. Then on to Michigan to do some chill-axing at Josh's folks' place on the lake.

I will probably still use this blog for ranting and raving about sill things... I will still need an outlet.


Gerry Walter said...

If you want to transfer this blog - you will need to go to the setting and save it. THere is a setting in there.

However, you will only be able to remove the content. The layout won't be able to be moved.

You should probably set up a new blog using Wordpress. This is free with your hosting. Go into cpanel and check it out. Should be under Fantastico.

Good luck !


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Kristina said...

i agree with gerry.