Sunday, February 28, 2010

Working for the weekends...

I realize that it seems I never do anything during the week. That's mostly true.

Here are some pictures from the "Redtop Ski Jump Party."
This party happens every year. Hundreds of ski bums gather at a ski-bum chalet in the middle of nowhere. We all pack our cars equipped to sleep in (some designate a driver), load up backpacks full of beer, skis and party pants and head to this party.

The guys that live in this house are professionals. They built a ramp off the roof of the garage to a kicker over a fire pit, to a landing.
You need no credentials to jump.
Overall it was a good time...

Friday, February 26, 2010

wax-on, wax-off

Wax... it's not just for bikini lines anymore.

It's a very important part of shredding. My board was getting to the point where I was literally getting stuck to the snow. No beuno! I had a few scratches and dints and dings from hitting rocks and generally wear and tear. So... a wax job just had to happen.

My main point is not to walk you through how to wax your board. There are plenty of web sites out there that will teach you that- probably better than I can.

I just wanted to comment on how snowboarding is, in fact, an entire body work out: riding you get the core and leg work out and waxing builds mad bicep muscle! I think I should get a job as a tuner and become über buff!

Monday, February 22, 2010

ANother Fabulous Weekend!!

I just LOVE weekends... who doesn't?!?

So, in recap:
Saturday I met Christen at ten, as per usual. We went from the Gondola, over to Thunder, then down Laramie Bowl to the Sublet lift, then over to Wally World. Wally World is the run that was renamed in honor of Big Wally- a ski patroller who died during a slide while doing avalanche control earlier this season. From Wally's World- formerly Bivouac- we cut back down and across to Gros Ventre (if you ever come to Jackson, btw do NOT pronounce it as "Gross Venture" it is "grow vaunt") and back tot the house.

When we got to the house, both Christen and I were perma-grin and giggly! We declared it the best run either one of us has ever had while riding together. From here, we went to eat a "fancy lunch" at the Osteria- complete with mimosa for me and champagne for Christen...

After lunch, we did a tram lap- then over to Casper for some beer drinking. I did a final lap on Aprés Vous and down to Nick's. Sadly, I had a terrible migraine by the time I got my first beer at Nicks, so I took the bus home and passed out. My sweet boyfriend came home after work and took care of me. I slept pretty hard.

Sunday had sub-par conditions, so Josh and I decided to sleep in. I decided to take it easy. SO I rode through the trees on the way to Casper Restaurant. Stopped to take a few pics.

I met up with Josh and our friend Abby and a couple of her friends in the restaurant. We figured the day was a perfect day for this:

yes. those are lunch trays. I know you're jealous!!! And Abby did a sub-par job of documenting my tray sledding experience- but I slid all the way to the deck. I'm just sayin'

We did ride a bit... we took a lap down, back up the Gondi then around the long way (via Lupine Way) right back to the same spot. Another lap down and up the Gondi and I rode home- as I had to go to work for the Flying Tomato.

All-in-all the weekend was fabulous! Can't wait until the next one!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

testing testing...

Thought I would play with Photoshop and try to give you guys a visual to what I mean when I say "Moran Woods," "Hobacks" "Rendezvous Bowl," etc. So instead of you pulling up the trail map in a separate browser, and trying to follow along- I laid it out nice and simple for ya!

This is a "map" of what Christen and I did on Saturday. Our first run is in pink, second through fourth (they can kinda be lumped into one) are in various shades of blue and our final run- our Tram lap- is in yellow. Where we come out at the end of the yellow trail is my neighborhood. I'm on of those little monopoly-looking buildings on that street.

You can click on the picture and it will bring up a giant version of the map if you want closer look.

Feedback would be appreciated. Does this make sense? or do you guys not give a rat's ass? =)

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Terrain!!

This weekend was, as the bro-brahs like to say:

Translation: I had a really good weekend snowboarding =)

Saturday, Christen and I did our usual Gondola lap to to Casper. We hit up Moran Woods and got deep in the powder... after a few runs we found ourselves sitting on the deck at Nick Wilson's having a tall boy and a sammie. Josh came out to sit with us before his shift started. Somehow, (okay, he told us he would buy us a shot) he convinced us to take a Tram lap.

I have only ridden the tram in the summer, as a total gaper with my dad and step mom and aunt. Christen, had never been on it- as she has an irrational (love you Christen!) fear of heights coupled with claustrophobia. But we suffered through the crowded tram while we swung in the wind atop the mountain. As soon as we stepped out on the tram dock, I felt that I was in a totally different world. The day had been calm and warm mid-mountain- but at the top of Rendezvous Bowl it was windy and arctic... We made it! Rendezvous bowl was nothing harder than other terrain I have previously ridden and the traverses were cake- albeit a little higher up =). We decided to ride the Hobacks- which turned out to be a bad idea at the time of day- but how were we to know? we'd never been up there. So we plowed through the crunchy packing peanuts that some people might have called snow. Bumped over horrible crunchy moguls and fell over a lot. We also laughed a lot. We eventually made it to the Union Pass Traverse, which essentially leads to the condo... flailed up the stairs and plopped on the couch! What a day!!!

Sunday was no less epic. I rode solo for my first gondola-to-thunder-to-base run, then met up with my friend Rusty at the base of the Sublet lift- another first ride for me. From Sublett we took mostly the blue trails down... some switch back traverses which were a bit of a challenge and then took some more familiar terrain to Casper...

At some point along the way to Capser I got a phone call from Josh... (remember, if you will, this is Valentine's Day). Backstory: there is a show at the Knotty Pine, in Victor, ID which is about an hour drive from our house. cut to scene:
(trish) "hey baby!"
(josh) " Abby just called to tell me she has an extra ticket to the show... and a place to stay."
(trish) "well- go if you want babe..." choking back tears.
(josh) "well, come have a beer later"
(trish) 'K, bye"

cut to Casper Restaurant: I'm mess. I'm actually convinced that my boyfriend is going to leave me on a holiday that I pretend to hate but secretly love and if he ditched me I could not pretend to care, because as far as he knows I'm completely not romantic and just want him to be happy....

cut to two hours later at Nick Wilson's
(josh) "I've got reservations for 9:30- I know it's late, but it was the best I could do,"
(trish) "great!" (secret squeal!)

SO I go home, take a nap, take a shower get dolled up and meet him at Nicks at closing. Together, we go to the Village Cafe and have a drink before walking over to Osteria. Let. me. tell. you!

This place was amazing!!!! but before I get to chronologically out of order let me tell you what my darling boyfriend did. He bought me jewelry! JEWELRY! I have never (not counting two times...) gotten jewelry from a man besides my father! And it is absolutely beautiful! Don't believe me? Here!

Isn't it beautiful?!? It's Amber!

We sat down for dinner. First we ordered Pomegranate Mimosas. (delicious) For our appetizer we had mozzarella speck. Which is basically mozzarella cheese wrapped in fancy bacon and baked with some marinara sauce. We had a glass of Pinot Noir with our apps. For our entrees: Josh enjoyed a lobster pasta while I dined on a prime rib and cous cous topped with fried onions! I did not even need a steak knife to cut my meat! (medium rare, as it should be) We had a beer with our entrees, can't remember what the beer was-something Italian- but even it was fantastic! We finished it all off with a chocolate truffle and ice cream.

I just have to say- I love my boyfriend!

So- in conclusion: my weekend was

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girl Crush...


I've admired her since E.T. I've enjoyed almost all her movies. I love her wide range of characters and her crooked smile. I think she's beautiful and funny and talented. I have a girl crush. (which urban dictionary defines as:an overwhelming sense of awe felt by a girl for another girl elicited by varying causes ranging from deep respect to unadulterated lust. may result in the any or all of the following: general euphoria, prolonged sense of inspiration, desire for intellectual-intercourse with crush, simple sexual arousal, etc
zoe bell is such a badass in deathproof, i am completely amazed at what she is capable of. she is my new girl crush)

I bring up my latest girl crush because I watched her directorial debut this evening. Whip It is about a girl named Bliss, who feels that life in small-town USA is just not cutting it. Her mom wants her to be a pageant queen, and she's a little more "alternative." She stumbles upon the roller derby league- tries out and makes the team by the name of "The Hurl Scouts." With her new found passion for skating and knocking chicks over, Bliss finds out who she really is and creates a new family. The rest of the story is slightly generic in formula, but the movie as a whole is extremely witty and chock-full of girl power!! Drew has a roll in the movie as the hard-core, albeit a little bit of an airhead, teammate of Bliss with the skating alias "Smashley Simpson."

I highly recommend renting this movie! Drew did a great job with her first movie... I hope to see many more from her!