Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girl Crush...


I've admired her since E.T. I've enjoyed almost all her movies. I love her wide range of characters and her crooked smile. I think she's beautiful and funny and talented. I have a girl crush. (which urban dictionary defines as:an overwhelming sense of awe felt by a girl for another girl elicited by varying causes ranging from deep respect to unadulterated lust. may result in the any or all of the following: general euphoria, prolonged sense of inspiration, desire for intellectual-intercourse with crush, simple sexual arousal, etc
zoe bell is such a badass in deathproof, i am completely amazed at what she is capable of. she is my new girl crush)

I bring up my latest girl crush because I watched her directorial debut this evening. Whip It is about a girl named Bliss, who feels that life in small-town USA is just not cutting it. Her mom wants her to be a pageant queen, and she's a little more "alternative." She stumbles upon the roller derby league- tries out and makes the team by the name of "The Hurl Scouts." With her new found passion for skating and knocking chicks over, Bliss finds out who she really is and creates a new family. The rest of the story is slightly generic in formula, but the movie as a whole is extremely witty and chock-full of girl power!! Drew has a roll in the movie as the hard-core, albeit a little bit of an airhead, teammate of Bliss with the skating alias "Smashley Simpson."

I highly recommend renting this movie! Drew did a great job with her first movie... I hope to see many more from her!

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