Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shoe Fetish?

I've never liked to admit to anyone, especially myself that I actually have girly tendencies. I've always been able to get along better with the boys, maybe it has something to do with the lack of competition, or the fact that I really don't like to talk about make-up and hair dos... either way I don't claim "girly-girl" status. However, I have found that even though I'm not a "girly-girl" I am indeed, still a woman with a love of shoes!!!!

Here are my new favorites that I just have to have:
The 5.10 Prodigy:

(from Versatility and unmatched performance make this shoe stand out in a crowd. The Prodigy excels on the trail but can take on terrain other shoes can't. Lace to toe styling, high-friction Stealth C4/S1 co-molded outsoles, waterproof split-leather uppers and protective toe rands combine to deliver exceptional performance and durability in this good looking multi-sport model.)

(commentary from Tricia: OMG they are so friggin cute!!!)


Funky Fresh!!!

This is to supplement the 4, read: FOUR, pair of Chacos that I have, (two pair of Z2, a ZX1 diamond steath sole and a pair of hipthongs respectively). And I pride myself on not having 100 pair of shoes in my closet... I have 20 pair of shoes! that's absurd!

Now, on top of my shoe fetish I have also come to the conclusion that I also have a bag fetish. Note, this is not a PURSE fetish, as I have one Kavu teeny tiny little purse that holds a wallet, but I'm talking BAGs. I love backpacks, satchels, totes, even large suitcases. I love to have things (namely my gear) organized and compartmentalized.

Maybe I am a girly girl after all....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

two of my two favorite things have come together!

I want THIS!!! It's the Amazon Kindle. It's basically the iPod for books. You can download entire length books in under a minute and it costs less and doesn't waste all that paper on printing books. NOW, I must say that there is something very old world and sexy about having real-life books in your house, but think of all those books you buy just to read one time and never look at again... I think that everyone should have a collection of classics, (hardbacks) but the silly ones that you read just for entertainment (and half the time pretend you didn't read it) those are perfect for the Amazon. I wonder how well it does on sand???

NY Times Bestsellers and new releases are usually in the $9.99 range versus up to $30 for a new hardback! AND you don't have to connect to a computer or hardrive or modem or anything, it's wireless! on sale now for $350! and don't worry, for all of you who have to get your daily dose of news, you can have 100's of newspapers and blogs updated automatically. It will hold up to 200 full length books, and you can add more space to it if you need.

Okay, I'm back to check out for a book I was searching for (Rock Warrior's Way) when I got distracted by the shiny new piece of technology.

A weekend at HP40... a little late

I know that I'm out of order on my goings on in life... but here's a recap from the boulders on June 2/3:

Some pals of mine and I went camping a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday evening out at Horse Pens. We got up there just after dark, set up camp and went out to climb some rocks.

For those of you who've never been in Alabama in the summer... or don't watch the weather channel, let me tell you this: IT IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So night climbing is the only way that we can really get anything done, but sometimes, it's all a wash no matter what.... This particular evening was about half and half. I sent some V-2s and the boys were climbing pretty solid as well.

Here's some shots of us climbing:

Turtle Rock... this particular line I was doing is a V-1

"I Hate Cops" is a V-way-harder-than-i-climb; I did not send this one, but I was able to hold on pretty well for 80% humidity on some slopey stuff...

Granger on the other hand, makes it look a lot cooler: We were not getting much progress on "I hate Cops" none of us sent it... So we decided to lighten the mood with a litle crash pad sumo wrestling!

(Mom, that crashpad is the best birthday present ever!)

After the crash-pad wrestling we moved on to work some easier stuff, you know, boost the ego a little. After our egos were back in check, we retired to teh camp site for food and a few cold ones. The next morning, we all woke up super early, as the sun was a-blazing! We decided to go to Jack's and eat some breakfast instead of climbing. Overall, good night session!

Granger and I also went the previous Saturday/Sunday, but didn't take a whole lot of pitcures, so I'll just slip them in here:

SkyWalker: V-9
The first section is a v-3 traverse, it's pretty fun, with the humidity, there's little to no friction and you kinda peel off. But, hey, never say I won't get on a problem!

oh yeah, somewhere between the two trips to HP40 I lost one of my Anazasis... so I'm back to having to wear the Scarpas... which is a pain in my rear, 'cause they are lace ups.

Now the question is, do I want to buy another pair of Anaszais? they are great shoes, or do I want a pair of Heras? I also kinda dig the Solutions. Decisions decisions decisions...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I can clean up quite nicely

When I'm not climbing rocks, I'm busy being a quite fashionable socialite!

Here's some pictures from the Ball Of Roses. Megan and Lisa were my lovely dates!