Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shoe Fetish?

I've never liked to admit to anyone, especially myself that I actually have girly tendencies. I've always been able to get along better with the boys, maybe it has something to do with the lack of competition, or the fact that I really don't like to talk about make-up and hair dos... either way I don't claim "girly-girl" status. However, I have found that even though I'm not a "girly-girl" I am indeed, still a woman with a love of shoes!!!!

Here are my new favorites that I just have to have:
The 5.10 Prodigy:

(from Versatility and unmatched performance make this shoe stand out in a crowd. The Prodigy excels on the trail but can take on terrain other shoes can't. Lace to toe styling, high-friction Stealth C4/S1 co-molded outsoles, waterproof split-leather uppers and protective toe rands combine to deliver exceptional performance and durability in this good looking multi-sport model.)

(commentary from Tricia: OMG they are so friggin cute!!!)


Funky Fresh!!!

This is to supplement the 4, read: FOUR, pair of Chacos that I have, (two pair of Z2, a ZX1 diamond steath sole and a pair of hipthongs respectively). And I pride myself on not having 100 pair of shoes in my closet... I have 20 pair of shoes! that's absurd!

Now, on top of my shoe fetish I have also come to the conclusion that I also have a bag fetish. Note, this is not a PURSE fetish, as I have one Kavu teeny tiny little purse that holds a wallet, but I'm talking BAGs. I love backpacks, satchels, totes, even large suitcases. I love to have things (namely my gear) organized and compartmentalized.

Maybe I am a girly girl after all....

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Sara, a rock climber girl said...

Hey! Thank you for the link to my blog... I found yours because I saw your URL pop up in my logs, and then here we are, in love with the 5.10 approach shoes. I have two pair of the Five Ten Insights and they are my all-time favorite approach shoes. When I gear test other brands/shoes I'm amazed at just how much more sticky my 5.10s are!

Nice to blog-meet you!