Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A weekend at HP40... a little late

I know that I'm out of order on my goings on in life... but here's a recap from the boulders on June 2/3:

Some pals of mine and I went camping a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday evening out at Horse Pens. We got up there just after dark, set up camp and went out to climb some rocks.

For those of you who've never been in Alabama in the summer... or don't watch the weather channel, let me tell you this: IT IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So night climbing is the only way that we can really get anything done, but sometimes, it's all a wash no matter what.... This particular evening was about half and half. I sent some V-2s and the boys were climbing pretty solid as well.

Here's some shots of us climbing:

Turtle Rock... this particular line I was doing is a V-1

"I Hate Cops" is a V-way-harder-than-i-climb; I did not send this one, but I was able to hold on pretty well for 80% humidity on some slopey stuff...

Granger on the other hand, makes it look a lot cooler: We were not getting much progress on "I hate Cops" none of us sent it... So we decided to lighten the mood with a litle crash pad sumo wrestling!

(Mom, that crashpad is the best birthday present ever!)

After the crash-pad wrestling we moved on to work some easier stuff, you know, boost the ego a little. After our egos were back in check, we retired to teh camp site for food and a few cold ones. The next morning, we all woke up super early, as the sun was a-blazing! We decided to go to Jack's and eat some breakfast instead of climbing. Overall, good night session!

Granger and I also went the previous Saturday/Sunday, but didn't take a whole lot of pitcures, so I'll just slip them in here:

SkyWalker: V-9
The first section is a v-3 traverse, it's pretty fun, with the humidity, there's little to no friction and you kinda peel off. But, hey, never say I won't get on a problem!

oh yeah, somewhere between the two trips to HP40 I lost one of my Anazasis... so I'm back to having to wear the Scarpas... which is a pain in my rear, 'cause they are lace ups.

Now the question is, do I want to buy another pair of Anaszais? they are great shoes, or do I want a pair of Heras? I also kinda dig the Solutions. Decisions decisions decisions...

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