Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dog Sled Races in Jackson!!

Friday night was the annual Pedigree Stage Stop dog sled expo in Town square.  They blocked of the Square from road traffic and had a festival like feeling to it.  Sarah and I walked from her house with Elu.  I was worried at first that Elu was going to be a pain, but she was actually VERY good.  She was in awe of the sled dogs.  And LOVED the attention. 

The dogs were a lot smaller than I thought they were going to be.  And they were mutts. There were no huge Husky or Malamute dogs on any teams.  They are not accidental mutts, they breed them for racing. To have long legs and lean bodies... something tells me Elu would be great at it. I forgot my camera, so I poached some pictures from Lola. 

It was REALLY cold! SO we couldn't stay for the entire expo.  6 degrees was fine for Elu, but Sarah and I couldn't feel our hands anymore after about an hour, so we left. 

If you're ever planning a trip to Jackson in the winter, this is a MUST SEE!!! 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speaking you mind really does work!

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster at work.  Seeing as my job is pretty much the main part of my life, I feel that it is important to be happy while at work. I LOVE my job!!! It is pretty much the PERFECT job for me.  It's social and I am kept busy.  I joke with my regulars that it's like being a bartender without all the drunks.  I stand behind the Tonic Bar, making smoothies and juices and mixing up Elixir cocktails and serving coffees while chatting up regulars and one-time customers all the same.  I repeat: I love my job!!

However this past week has been a trial.  We've had some issues with scheduling and some people not coming to work on time, not showing up at all, etc.  Jessa, my manager, did what she needed to do- put me to work at the times when no one wants to work, because, well, I'll show up.  At first I just kind of took it, didn't say anything more than "I'm really bummed, I thought I was getting weekends off." She looked at me and sighed, saying that it was pretty much the only way the schedule would work. Okay, that's fine. I don't want to make waves.  Well. the newest Tonic Bar Hottie (I didn't name us that, someone else did and I'm going with it), Evan, had a different idea.  While I was training her, I also was getting to know Evan. We were chatting and I was venting. Normally if I just vent enough, I get over it. Well, to Evan, venting isn't good enough. You have to actually say what you want to say TO the person you want to say it to. What a NOVEL idea!!! 

SO I had a little break down. Crying, in the bathroom, to Jessa.  She assured me that I was not being taken for granted, that she sees all the work I've been doing, that she notices that I love my job and work hard when I'm there etc etc etc. I felt better at least knowing that. 

Well, yesterday I was at work and Jessa brought me the schedule for February, asked me to put it in the Tonic Bar book. (this book, ya'll has everything. if we lost this book the Tonic Bar would shut down for lack of knowing what the hell is going on). So I took it from her, she walked away and I looked at it. I put the "back in 5 minutes" sign out, strolled over to the Natural Care department, (the other department that Jessa manages) and gave her a huge hug. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! She said you're welcome and thank YOU for all the hard work!

So, ladies and gentleman, I now have a set schedule of: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!!!! (in these hard economic times we are only getting 30 hours a week, but hey! that's better than no job right)  AND all three days that I have off are WEEKEND days!!!! which means:

I CAN LEARN TO SNOWBOARD FINALLY!!!!!  and maybe have a little fun out on the town, like a single gal in her (gasp) late twenties should!

So, it's Friday, and I'm off today. it's 15 degrees outside and the Village got 3 inches of new snow last night.  I might just have to go out there. OR I'm going to go to Lola's and hang out with her... I'll let you know. 

Friday, January 23, 2009


My baby girl turns TWO today.  Two! She has grown up right before my eyes...

Thank you Elu for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for.  You keep me warm when it's cold, you give me kisses when I feel that I'm all alone.  You HUG (i'm serious man this girl gives the best hugs on the planet) me when I come home from a long day at work and your pretty pretty face makes me smile!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Airport Drama

Okay, I'm sorry guys! I have been rather busy and when I'm not busy, well, I've just been lazy.  But, as promised I will get to the nitty gritty of my trip home. 


 My flight left on a Tuesday at 7:20AM.   I stayed in town to cut down on my driving time to the airport.  It takes 30 minutes from town.  I went to be at a decent hour, sober, and set my alarm clock on my phone. As there is not a clock radio where I am staying.  I plug my phone into the wall to charge it.  In the morning, Jeff happens to wake up at 7 and yell at me.  My alarm clock has NOT gone off because my phone TURNED OFF in the middle of the night (but still fully charged).  I run out of the house in my pajamas, tossing my toothbrush in my purse.  Haul ass to the airport, but alas, had missed the check in for my plane. (As small as Jackson Hole airport is, I still was not able to make it). I call my mom, in tears, and tell her I have missed my flight.  They couldn't get me on another flight, because there was only one more that day. It went to Chicago and left at 6pm, thus making me spend the night in the O'hare airport. But I am booked for the morning flight tomorrow. Same time, same place.  So I went to work. Yes, people, I am that lame that I go to work when I'm upset and have an extra day on my hands. But in exchange for going to work that day, taking my shift back, Candy (who was covering that day) planned to cover my shift the following Wednesday.  The plan was to still have 5 days in Birmingham.  Anyway, I work an eight hour shift, went and bought an alarm clock,  took a shower ate a nice meal, watched a movie and went to sleep early, this time setting THREE alarms. 

The next morning. 5:45, the alarms go off, I get up and brush my teeth, get dressed, even had enough time to put on a little make-up (I'm southern: you're supposed to look nice when you fly).   I drive, leisurely to the airport, and call my mother to let her know I am up and en route. The weather looks nice in town, so I'm sure that I will be in Birmingham by five o'clock. 

I pull up to the airport, get out of the car in the five degree weather, and go inside.  When I get up to the counter I am informed that ALL flights out of Jackson are canceled.  I am booked on the next flight tomorrow.  Same time, same place. 

Crying hysterically, I call my mother. Tell her I'm not coming home at all now.  She tells me to just try again tomorrow if tomorrow I still don't get on a plane, she understands.  Next I call my Daddy, my knight in shinning, armor (with constant, super-fast access to the Internet at his fingertips at ALL TIMES).  "I want to go home!" I cried.  "It's cold and I'm home-sick and I want to see MY FRIENDS."  

Daddy, to the rescue calls back just as I pulled into town.  "I've got you booked on the 3:30 flight out of Salt Lake City." You have one stop in Atlanta and will be in Birmingham by 10 this evening." 

DONE.  I've been looking for an excuse to take a road trip in the new Subie.

I head by work, grab a latte and head out. On the way there I pass through the North Pole:

Was not very happy about the drive anymore.

But then I made it through Idaho Falls and on the interstate.  Once on I-15, the road conditions were beautiful and the thermostat in the car was slowly rising.  Once I got to where I could see, the scenery was breathtaking:

I made it to Salt Lake with several hours to spare. I checked in, sailed through security, went to the airport bar, drank two 3.5% alcohol beers (Mormon state, ya know), had a veggie burger and made some new friends. I got on the plane without a hitch, and made it to Birmingham at 9:45.  

Mom picked me up, and took me to her house.  I took a shower, and Megan came to pick me up.  We had a chill night, complete with my two favorite people in the world...

Friday, January 16, 2009

More research on the earthquakes

First off, I'm kinda bummed that I wasn't able to feel the earthquake. I mean it was way to weak to cause any damage, so I could have at least enjoyed it! But, that being said now the whole town is  (by that I mean mainly my roommates) freaking out that we're all going to die. 
This point has some validity to it.

Since Christmas the Yellowstone, Idaho-Wyoming and Montana area has been HUNDREDS of small earthquakes, what they call an earthquake swarm. Which has happened in other parts of the world and not been a big deal. Why so scary that it is occurring in Yellowstone you ask? 
SO there's a super volcano lying dormant (for now dun dun dun) under Yellow Stone National Park.  If and when it erupts, it could be 100 times more powerful than the 1980 Mount St. Helen's eruption which covered the content in ash for several days.  THIS one would cover the world in ash for several years! An eruption like that has not occurred since humans have been inhabiting the Earth... So, in a sense, I'm lucky because I will pretty much die instantly and not have to worry about my food supply slowly diminishing into nothing. But, there there are people, geologists and what not that say not to worry. 

Here's some links to articles;  freak yourself out at your own risk

My first Earthquake....

check it out

I didn't feel it, but Jeff thought he had a ghost, 'cause his chair shook.  We looked it up on the internet and found out that Wyoming had a 3.7-er. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little ditty from Jack and Diane... or really just from Me.

I have been neglecting you... my three followers! And for that I apologize!

First off, you have to see this!!! I was not planning on blogging at all tonight, just going to give you all an apology for being absent, and then I found this!!!! It is HILARIOUS! I'll give you a second to read it and then we'll discuss.... 

Okay, you ready? I MEAN SERIOUSLY??? 
You'll note, this is a Craig's list ad.  
. Does this guy really even think that this chick was going to read this!?!?
. He wasn't really even apologizing! He was mocking the poor girl (albeit apparently drunk) for being afraid! 
There are to sides
it was just a coincidence, women can be a little paranoid! 
However it is important to be careful, and watchful- hiding (not very well) is not the answer to keep from being attacked. Getting in your car and driving away, is. 
I really don't have a good one, hate to say it but the guy is kinda right, don't walk alone to your car at night after having a few beers! Especially if you can't handle the pressure.
I had no idea people did this kind of stuff, trying to meet people with whom they had chance encounters.  It's bizzare to be that people take this kind of time out of their day to attempt to contact these people.  Sure, there are people that I have passed on the street and thought "hmmm, I'd like to talk to that person again" or "damn! he's cute... wonder if he's got a girl friend" But I don't think that I would ever post it in the personal ads.  I'm just saying... 

 After further research, found that there is a whole section devoted to this kind of random crap.  People go on here to write to people they don't know 
A-a kinda funny one
B- A really sweet one 
C- and then a strange weird, I think it may be fate kinda one

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programing: 

This week has been long and way too many fabulous blog-worthy events have occurred. Alas, I have been busy! And now after all that busy-ness I am exhausted and must get my beauty rest and recover from a trip home!

But just to give you a little teaser I will let you in on the titles of soon-to-be written blogs (subject to change at author's discretion):

Airport Drama
Womp-tastic Welcome Extravaganza
Friends and Family
Starbucks is not in on the whole "Green Revolution"
Back to the West....

It should be exciting stuff! Stay tuned...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Redlodge Montana

Jeff and I, along with our friend Chris took a little adventure up to Montana for the weekend. 

We did a little Snowmobiling...
Saw some pretty sights...

Did some bowling... (which rocks because we can't do that here in the Hole)

Drank some beers... 

Saw old (to them, new to me) friends... 
had a snowball fight in the bar... 

and dealt with some chilly weather... 

overall good weekend!!! Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

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