Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little ditty from Jack and Diane... or really just from Me.

I have been neglecting you... my three followers! And for that I apologize!

First off, you have to see this!!! I was not planning on blogging at all tonight, just going to give you all an apology for being absent, and then I found this!!!! It is HILARIOUS! I'll give you a second to read it and then we'll discuss.... 

Okay, you ready? I MEAN SERIOUSLY??? 
You'll note, this is a Craig's list ad.  
. Does this guy really even think that this chick was going to read this!?!?
. He wasn't really even apologizing! He was mocking the poor girl (albeit apparently drunk) for being afraid! 
There are to sides
it was just a coincidence, women can be a little paranoid! 
However it is important to be careful, and watchful- hiding (not very well) is not the answer to keep from being attacked. Getting in your car and driving away, is. 
I really don't have a good one, hate to say it but the guy is kinda right, don't walk alone to your car at night after having a few beers! Especially if you can't handle the pressure.
I had no idea people did this kind of stuff, trying to meet people with whom they had chance encounters.  It's bizzare to be that people take this kind of time out of their day to attempt to contact these people.  Sure, there are people that I have passed on the street and thought "hmmm, I'd like to talk to that person again" or "damn! he's cute... wonder if he's got a girl friend" But I don't think that I would ever post it in the personal ads.  I'm just saying... 

 After further research, found that there is a whole section devoted to this kind of random crap.  People go on here to write to people they don't know 
A-a kinda funny one
B- A really sweet one 
C- and then a strange weird, I think it may be fate kinda one

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programing: 

This week has been long and way too many fabulous blog-worthy events have occurred. Alas, I have been busy! And now after all that busy-ness I am exhausted and must get my beauty rest and recover from a trip home!

But just to give you a little teaser I will let you in on the titles of soon-to-be written blogs (subject to change at author's discretion):

Airport Drama
Womp-tastic Welcome Extravaganza
Friends and Family
Starbucks is not in on the whole "Green Revolution"
Back to the West....

It should be exciting stuff! Stay tuned...

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