Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speaking you mind really does work!

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster at work.  Seeing as my job is pretty much the main part of my life, I feel that it is important to be happy while at work. I LOVE my job!!! It is pretty much the PERFECT job for me.  It's social and I am kept busy.  I joke with my regulars that it's like being a bartender without all the drunks.  I stand behind the Tonic Bar, making smoothies and juices and mixing up Elixir cocktails and serving coffees while chatting up regulars and one-time customers all the same.  I repeat: I love my job!!

However this past week has been a trial.  We've had some issues with scheduling and some people not coming to work on time, not showing up at all, etc.  Jessa, my manager, did what she needed to do- put me to work at the times when no one wants to work, because, well, I'll show up.  At first I just kind of took it, didn't say anything more than "I'm really bummed, I thought I was getting weekends off." She looked at me and sighed, saying that it was pretty much the only way the schedule would work. Okay, that's fine. I don't want to make waves.  Well. the newest Tonic Bar Hottie (I didn't name us that, someone else did and I'm going with it), Evan, had a different idea.  While I was training her, I also was getting to know Evan. We were chatting and I was venting. Normally if I just vent enough, I get over it. Well, to Evan, venting isn't good enough. You have to actually say what you want to say TO the person you want to say it to. What a NOVEL idea!!! 

SO I had a little break down. Crying, in the bathroom, to Jessa.  She assured me that I was not being taken for granted, that she sees all the work I've been doing, that she notices that I love my job and work hard when I'm there etc etc etc. I felt better at least knowing that. 

Well, yesterday I was at work and Jessa brought me the schedule for February, asked me to put it in the Tonic Bar book. (this book, ya'll has everything. if we lost this book the Tonic Bar would shut down for lack of knowing what the hell is going on). So I took it from her, she walked away and I looked at it. I put the "back in 5 minutes" sign out, strolled over to the Natural Care department, (the other department that Jessa manages) and gave her a huge hug. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! She said you're welcome and thank YOU for all the hard work!

So, ladies and gentleman, I now have a set schedule of: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!!!! (in these hard economic times we are only getting 30 hours a week, but hey! that's better than no job right)  AND all three days that I have off are WEEKEND days!!!! which means:

I CAN LEARN TO SNOWBOARD FINALLY!!!!!  and maybe have a little fun out on the town, like a single gal in her (gasp) late twenties should!

So, it's Friday, and I'm off today. it's 15 degrees outside and the Village got 3 inches of new snow last night.  I might just have to go out there. OR I'm going to go to Lola's and hang out with her... I'll let you know. 

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