Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dog Sled Races in Jackson!!

Friday night was the annual Pedigree Stage Stop dog sled expo in Town square.  They blocked of the Square from road traffic and had a festival like feeling to it.  Sarah and I walked from her house with Elu.  I was worried at first that Elu was going to be a pain, but she was actually VERY good.  She was in awe of the sled dogs.  And LOVED the attention. 

The dogs were a lot smaller than I thought they were going to be.  And they were mutts. There were no huge Husky or Malamute dogs on any teams.  They are not accidental mutts, they breed them for racing. To have long legs and lean bodies... something tells me Elu would be great at it. I forgot my camera, so I poached some pictures from Lola. 

It was REALLY cold! SO we couldn't stay for the entire expo.  6 degrees was fine for Elu, but Sarah and I couldn't feel our hands anymore after about an hour, so we left. 

If you're ever planning a trip to Jackson in the winter, this is a MUST SEE!!! 

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