Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A weekend update


What an eventful few days I've had. Friday night was the dogsled races, as shown below, which was amazing! After the races, Sarah and I headed to Pica's (a Moe's-like place but a little more upscale) to meet up with some friends of hers from the ski school.  We ate and drank margaritas while discussing the night's plan. We decided on the Stage Coach (aka "the coach") to hear Steam Powered Airplane.  The Coach is out in Wilson, about a 15 minute drive (closer to where I used to live).  So, I agree to be the sober driver.  The Coach is GREAT!!! It's got a Bailey's (We miss you ole girl) to it.  It's a dive bar like the best of the dive bars.  The two pool tables are free to play, and have a slight lean to them.  Drinks are relatively cheap, they serve PBR in a can, and the bathrooms could use attention.  I think I may have to move to Wilson.  The band was great! Sarah's friend Mark was cute, I won three games of pool, and I was back in town at a decent hour.  All-in-all the trip to Wilson was worth it.  I took Sarah home and started to go home myself, but Jeff called, wanting to watch a movie.  I had Elu with me, so I figured why not. By the time I went to sleep it was nearly 4 am.  

Saturday I woke up with all intentions of going to the Village and getting a few runs in, but by the time I got to Lola's it was noon.  We could have made it, but neither Lola or I were feeling it too much.  So I let Elu run around her old stomping ground and chilled on the couch with Lola.  One of her friends came in town later, and we ate some dinner. Home, in bed, early, on a Saturday night~ I'm the most exciting 20-something single you'll ever meet

BUT SUNDAY!! I was up at 7 am, ready to roll! Lola and I ate a fantastic breakfast at Nora's  and headed to the Village.  Watching Lola ski and me snowboard (without any instruction from people who know what they are doing) is HILARIOUS!!!  The first lift up, Lola and I asked them to slow down the lift, but they slowed it down too much and I didn't get enough speed coming off the chair to coast out of the way.  I had to skate (which is just like riding a skate board, only one foot is strapped in to the board but not really at the right angle.  You're having to push one foot on the ground while the other is perpendicular to your body and it's overall not easy- for me at least).  SO anyway. I'm trying to skate off the chair and I fall over. I don't mind falling, it doesn't hurt me. But it sure hurts my pride. After the chair lift debacle, I get out of the way and begin riding down the hill. Lola falls, so I go on ahead, assured that she will catch up to me in no time, as I will fall again.  I side slip down the hole mountain, falling on the regular.  But I made it down! and I was able to control the board the cast majority of the time.  It was fun! We repeated the scenario a couple more times (only I mastered the chair dismount for the rest of the day) and called it a day, it was the Super Bowl.

I went to town, picked up Jeff and got fixings for burgers.  We headed back to Lola's to cook dinner and watch the game.  Upon arrival, we start cooking and turn on the TV.  The satellite is not working. We waited and waited hoping it would correct itself.  Nope. Never worked.  SO as soon as we gobbled down some burgers and french fries, we headed back to town to catch the second half at Jeff's.  The game was pseudo-interesting. Good, close game, but I failed to pick a team prior to the game so I was uninterested in the outcome.  

Game over. Weekend Over. Back to the grind. 

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