Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Minutes until Ash Wednesday.  I sit here, in bed, typing and chowing down on a Turkey Wrap.  In 15 minutes I will put down the Turkey Wrap and the Bacon Cheeseburger and the Sausage Pizza and the Steak Sandwich for 40 days.

Ah Lent. Honestly, it's my favorite Religious Observance.   The Episcopalian observance of Lent (because that's all I've ever practiced) is the act of giving up something in your life that you love, or do on a regular basis- a sacrifice if you will.  More often than not it is a food.  I assume mimicking the Fast that Jesus was on while in the Wilderness.  (FYI just finished the Turkey, so although it may be past midnight when I post this, it is now 11:49pm) So, this year I am giving up Meat.  For 40 days I will be a vegetarian again.  

 I am also embarking on a spiritual journey involving mind and body in the form of a cleanse.  The Cleanse that I have opted to go on is 30 days long.  So I will start Lent by simply being vegetarian.  After ten days of no meat, I will then cut out most dairy, refined sugars and wheat.  In addition to a limited diet, I will be taking fiber, mineral and vitamin supplements twice a day.  The goal is to get rid of the toxins in my body from processed foods and meats.  The Cleanse will be a test of my strength.  I will need to seek help from a Higher Power.  I might be a little mean to people =). But I am confident that I can do it.  This Cleanse has serious benifits to one's health and emotional/spiritual well being.  When the body is toxic, energy cannot be released , and no energy can be received. The soul then starts to feel stagnant and trapped.  It's like having a fish in a dirty fish bowl.  Then when you flush out the murky water, the fish is free to move about and breathe.  

I look forward to clearing blocked energy.  In addition to the dietary changes, I will be meditating daily.  It is, after all, a time of somber reflection.  

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