Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving again...

Okay, so I know I sound like a crazy, antsy girl> but I'm moving again.

NO, I'm not coming back home.  I'm staying in Jackson.  Only moving to Wilson.  The "cool side" of the Hole.  The country. By the end of the week (God willing) I will have the lease on a log cabin.  My friend and coworker, Sarah found this place and we went and saw it today.  It's precious. A little run down, but with character! It was built in the 1930's as part of the first family homestead in Wilson.  Our landlords and neighbors live in the big house, next door.  The house that we will be renting was built when the daughter moved out and had babies of her own.  As more babies were born, another room was added on.  It's three bedrooms and one bath. There's a mud room/gear storage area and two entrances.  The house sits right on Fish Creek, so in the summer we'll be able to tube from our house to "downtown" Wilson in about 15-20 minutes (by river, it's about 1 mile from downtown via roads). 

Anyway, trying not to count any chickens... but this place is sweet! and we just have to give her deposit and sign the lease and it's ours. lalala! Can't wait to live in a house with just ONE other person!! 

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Justin Serpico said...

Tubing to work, sounds awesome! Perhaps a video would be in order, talk about environmentally friendly!