Tuesday, June 10, 2008

two of my two favorite things have come together!

I want THIS!!! It's the Amazon Kindle. It's basically the iPod for books. You can download entire length books in under a minute and it costs less and doesn't waste all that paper on printing books. NOW, I must say that there is something very old world and sexy about having real-life books in your house, but think of all those books you buy just to read one time and never look at again... I think that everyone should have a collection of classics, (hardbacks) but the silly ones that you read just for entertainment (and half the time pretend you didn't read it) those are perfect for the Amazon. I wonder how well it does on sand???

NY Times Bestsellers and new releases are usually in the $9.99 range versus up to $30 for a new hardback! AND you don't have to connect to a computer or hardrive or modem or anything, it's wireless! on sale now for $350! and don't worry, for all of you who have to get your daily dose of news, you can have 100's of newspapers and blogs updated automatically. It will hold up to 200 full length books, and you can add more space to it if you need.

Okay, I'm back to check out Amazon.com for a book I was searching for (Rock Warrior's Way) when I got distracted by the shiny new piece of technology.

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Clever Girl said...

I have wanted one of these things for a year! They are the coolest thing ever. I just can't bring myself to spend the money on it. Even though it would save me money in the long run, because I buy a lot of books. I mean a LOT. I love that it updates news and blogs. Maybe one of these days I'll bite the bullet. If Zac will let me.