Monday, February 22, 2010

ANother Fabulous Weekend!!

I just LOVE weekends... who doesn't?!?

So, in recap:
Saturday I met Christen at ten, as per usual. We went from the Gondola, over to Thunder, then down Laramie Bowl to the Sublet lift, then over to Wally World. Wally World is the run that was renamed in honor of Big Wally- a ski patroller who died during a slide while doing avalanche control earlier this season. From Wally's World- formerly Bivouac- we cut back down and across to Gros Ventre (if you ever come to Jackson, btw do NOT pronounce it as "Gross Venture" it is "grow vaunt") and back tot the house.

When we got to the house, both Christen and I were perma-grin and giggly! We declared it the best run either one of us has ever had while riding together. From here, we went to eat a "fancy lunch" at the Osteria- complete with mimosa for me and champagne for Christen...

After lunch, we did a tram lap- then over to Casper for some beer drinking. I did a final lap on Apr├ęs Vous and down to Nick's. Sadly, I had a terrible migraine by the time I got my first beer at Nicks, so I took the bus home and passed out. My sweet boyfriend came home after work and took care of me. I slept pretty hard.

Sunday had sub-par conditions, so Josh and I decided to sleep in. I decided to take it easy. SO I rode through the trees on the way to Casper Restaurant. Stopped to take a few pics.

I met up with Josh and our friend Abby and a couple of her friends in the restaurant. We figured the day was a perfect day for this:

yes. those are lunch trays. I know you're jealous!!! And Abby did a sub-par job of documenting my tray sledding experience- but I slid all the way to the deck. I'm just sayin'

We did ride a bit... we took a lap down, back up the Gondi then around the long way (via Lupine Way) right back to the same spot. Another lap down and up the Gondi and I rode home- as I had to go to work for the Flying Tomato.

All-in-all the weekend was fabulous! Can't wait until the next one!!


Christen said...

Tray-skiing without me? Bummer.

Tricia said...

sorry lady. I was having too much fun SHREDDING with you to stop and go tray-skiing =)