Saturday, May 30, 2009


I love summer! I forgot how nice it feels to have warm sunshine on your face, and how much better beer tastes when you drink it during the day.  Thursday and Friday were my days off this week and BOY did I have a BLAST!!

Thursday, Josh and I decided to make it a point to do NOTHING. And nothing we did! We went into town to run the few errands that needed running and eat breakfast, then we picked up a half case of beer and went to his house.  He lives on Paintbrush Trail, about a mile UP the mountain.  His back porch has a killer view of the Grand (Teton). We figured sitting around doing nothing would be a lot easier if he had comfy chairs.  It was in the upper 60's, so naturally we wanted to sit outside.  Here's how we managed that: 

so we listened to music and drank a few cold beers in the sunshine! (I worked on my tan as well).

Friday my boss, Jessa, and some friends of hers were rafting the Snake.  I was invited to fill an extra spot.  We took off from town around noon and finally got to rowing around 1pm.  Oh how I love rafting!! There were 17 of us in three boats.  The water was a tad chilly, but we had a blast regardless! 
After a full day of water and sun, I was ready for bed at 9pm last night! Got eight hours of sleep before the 6am shift this morning! 

I love this town! 
I love sunshine!
I love summer!
I heart my friends! 

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