Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am so in love...

With Life,
With Jackson,
With the Tetons,
With my friends...

I am quite possibly the happiest I have ever been.  I cannot remember a time when "life" (in the superficial-gotta-have-it-all-and-be-the-best kinda way) has not gotten me down.  I have stopped caring what others think about me, I have stopped worrying where my life "is going" and I have stopped stressing the petty things.

Jackson is the perfect place to live. You have ample camping and boating and climbing and hiking and playing within minutes of your place of work and/or residence. 

 It is completely normal to camp on a "school night".  

Bars are no longer part of my life (well, sometimes).  

Beer is best drunk from cans by a camp fire.  

Sleeping bags that zip together are the new king-sized bed. 

 I want to spend my money on a new camping stove over a pair of heels. 

 Fresh air clears the mind.   

Sunsets make everything okay 

sunrises make everything spectacular. 

Dogs kick ass

Food is best cooked over an open flame

Real friends love you for who you are

Family is by birth AND by choice

Mountains are never ugly

Clouds ALAWYS have a silver lining

Love is abundant



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