Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bad Blogger!!

I'm sorry! I have been selfish.  I have kept all my fun to myself.

This summer is AMAZING!
Quite possibly, my favorite summer ever. 
I'm not kidding! 

When I'm not on the boat, or hiking, or hanging out with my friends or working, I'm generally hanging out with Josh. For that, I am NOT sorry, but for failing to report, I am.

Let's see, I'll sum things up since the Waterfalls Canyon Trip as best I can:

Erin and her friend Wes came to town for 3-4 days and we went on a few easy hikes, had some beers, cooked some dinner, saw some sights and had a blast

Josh and I went (on a whim) to the Targhee Music Festival, which was AWESOME! We saw Jackie Green, Grace Potter and Government Mule, had a blast, bought a hoodie, saw some friends and danced!
Josh and I ride our bikes to the fair,  watched the pig wrestling contest and rode some rides. 

Granger came to town, we camped in Jeff's backyard with Jess, took some hikes, did some climbing, put together 1/2 a puzzle and hung out

I had some good girls' nights

Josh and I saw the Hangover

I have taken Elu on some cool hikes

I started climbing again. 

 In between all these things, I worked

I am pretty sure I hit the highlights.  Not everything I do is worthy of pictures and a narrative, but my summer overall has been delightful! I love that I live with a playground in my back yard! I love that I have found a group of friends that make this place feel like home! I love that I have my best friends back home on speed dial to share it all with (and wish they were here with me). 

and... here's a few pictures to sum up the beauty that awes me everyday

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