Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Year

I bailed on my life. 

That's how I finally came to describe it, later.  

Not too long ago, I was having a conversation that started out to be about money, my financial situation.  Owning a house 1,800 miles away is bad enough, but to start in on thinking about everything that house stands for, is a whole 'nother story.

Six years ago, I was engaged. I was happy and young and foolish and rich (as far as I thought).  I bought a house.  Said engagement lasted three months into living in the House.  We break up,cordially, friendly, easily.  We both recognized that we were too young to be starting a grown-up life together when neither of us had fully outgrown early-twenties idiot-ness.  Roommates move in, another boyfriend happens upon me, he maintains a lease on his apartment for eight months, all the while staying at the House most nights.  Eight months do not lead to much but a slightly more bitter break-up than the last. Another roommate in, another out, once again another in.  Meet guy at bar, next day calls early wanting a date.  Lunch, swimming, kiss on the cheek.  Several months later, by accident, guy moves in.  Cohabitate, "fall in love," proposal, wedding planning.  All the while this poor House is the setting.  Bad news, I bail a month before the wedding.  Six months later, I bail on the House, I bail on Birmingham, on a job, on everything that I was.  I up and leave. 

Quite possibly the best move I ever made. 

I bailed on my LIFE. 

...and here I am, a year later.  I feel free.  I feel like I have found a home in Jackson.  I have collected a great group of loving friends, while maintaining the meaningful friendships back home.  I have a wonderful job and a great little (rental) house. But the irony of it all? I'm taking the plunge again: cohabitation.  Josh and I have decided to move in together.  We have yet to decide if we will stay here, in the log cabin, or if we will start fresh in a place that is ours and was never just mine.  Elu accepts the challenge, I'm looking forward to what is to come. 

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vgterry said...

Thinking about you, lady!