Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It seems I have been doing little but making up excuses as to why I'm not blogging. Truth be told: I haven't had very much alone/down time that has coincided with inspiration. 

First, my computer had an unfortunate run in with a cup of coffee.  Didn't work, submerged it in rice and now it does.  There is a DVD stuck in the drive but Internet and music still work. Le sigh, I should really be discouraged from owning nice things ;)

But the news of the week is the new condo! Last I updated you, we were talking about moving in together.  In the meantime J and I have hit some growing pains in our relationship, moved past them and signed a lease.  We now live in Teton Village, Wyoming.  For those of you who have never been to Jackson, let me try and give you an idea: 

okay.  Broadway is the main street. Town square is at the corner of Broadway and Cache. From Town, you go south on Broadway, take a right (up in the map) on 22 and head to the stop light, turn right and go about 6 miles to Teton Village. The Village, as it is more commonly referred to is centered around the ski hill.  There are some shops and restaurants, a few five star hotels, a bunch of rich people and some condos slightly off to the side.  I now reside in one of said condos.

This place is NICE! It's a vacation rental by summer- rented by the week.  By winter, it is ours! There are four of us living in this fabulous two bedroom, two bathroom condo- Me, Josh, our friend Bungee and Lady Elu.  Granted, three of us are sharing a room =).

We have a fire place, a wet bar, a separate dining room, kitchen with laundry off it, a gigantic balcony and best of all- it's ski-in.  We can pretty much cruise right up to the back steps. 

I promise I will have pictures up soon! Right now I'm just sitting here basking in it all while the boys drink beer on the porch.  

Anyway.  I PROMISE now that I am settled (and living with two boys who will inevitably win the battle on "what do we watch on TV") I will do more blogging.  I vow here and now to take more pictures and let my (two) faithful readers know what is going on in Teton Village and the rest of Jackson. 

Hope you have a great day!!!

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