Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can any girl really claim to be low-maintenance?

Lying in bed this morning, hitting snooze a time or five. Watching the snow fall on the aspens outside my bedroom window, I truly treasured the simplicity of my life. I had to be in town at 9:45, after a 25-30 minute commute (9:15 departure time) I safely concluded that I could lie in bed until 9:08, thus leaving me seven minutes to get ready for the day. I LOVE that I can be ready for the day in just a mere seven minutes. My job does not require me took look pretty, the town I live in does not require me to wear couture, so the wardrobe is quite simple. My choices include: fitted jeans vs. baggy jeans, long sleeved tee shirt in black, white, green or brown, under tank top in white, black, stripped, purple, green or blue(the one on top of the drawer usually wins) and Merells vs. Evolve shoes. Dress, brush teeth, face lotion, quick run of the comb, scarf and jacket and bam! I'm ready! I dread the day that I no longer can do this.

Not that I ever look glamorous from day to day. I always just look like this:
(taken after two days in the desert)

But this got me to thinking, am I really what someone would consider low maintenance? I wouldn't be so quick to say so. I definitely have my "fetishes" just like any woman.

Some women like to spend their "me money," on fashion and beauty items, I just like to spend my "me money" on toys!

Some women have a desire to line their closets with delicate shoes, heels and such. I have 3 pair of Chacos, four pair of snow boots and a pair of hiking shoes.

Lots of women I know have a purse fetish, I have a backpack collection. (one purse, many have told me it's actually a camera case)

Women nickle and dime themselves to death on new tubes of lip stick, nice perfume and fancy shampoos. I prefer to spend my money on chalk for climbing, wax for my snow board, ad chap stick.

Josh would argue that although I am simple that I am still quite high maintenance, just in a less girly kinda way. But he doesn't complain, because the things I buy for "me" end up benefiting both of us and our travels.

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