Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

I was commissioned from my boss to make a poster for
"Super Bob Sunday"
which is a double-themed party for this Sunday's bar specials. We're having 24 oz Red Stripe bottles and tall boy cans and Jamaican Jerk Chicken wraps and slices. Boss had an idea, but it came at the last minute, so he needed a quick and easy poster and someone who was willing to do it really quickly. My boss not only owns the bar I work for, be he also owns a production/booking company. Dom is responsible for bringing the best music to this valley. But I digress... When I interviewed with him, I mentioned that I was experienced in PhotoShop and HTML and social media marketing.
So my time came on Wednesday, I got the chance to prove what I could do.

Dom wanted to have a Rasta-ed out flyer with the head of Bob Marley on the body of a quarterback. We chose the Packers, because two-thirds of the colors were already represented. I will admit, it took me longer than a professional would have taken to super impose Bob's head on #12's body (I do not know my pro football), but I think I nailed it.
Then I put the rest of the flyer together with lots of red and green and the text that Dom had specified along with the Village Cafe logo he emailed me. 12 hours after I was assigned the project, after a couple of "change this here" emails, I delivered this to my boss.

He loved it, so I printed several flyers and posted them up on the walls in the cafe and the bar and felt really proud of myself.

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