Friday, February 4, 2011

Pheonix Rising

I've decided to resurrect the blog. Grateful Adventures is still there, and soon will be featuring a lot of Josh's edits with his GoPro and music and stuff. But I need a (cyber) place to call my own, so I'm back here.

It's been forever since I've posted so there's lots and lots of things to discuss. Then we will get into the purpose for this blog spot: to tell stories!

Josh and I are back in Teton Village, this year living in a hotel room for the winter. We are two of about 10 long term residents in the Inn at Jackson Hole, and it's kinda like Melrose Place meets Salute Your Shorts. I promise, there will be lots to tell you about our drama-filled little ski world.

I am working at the Village Cafe as a barista/server and hope that maybe if I'm a good girl, next year I'll get a bar tending shift! I would make the best bartender! I LOVE my job. I get to see cool people all day and make good money doing it.

I have been officially published! In Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine, page 66. I will be scanning and posting my page for the masses to read.

I'm selling my hand crafted jewelry in a real-live store: Brenda's Gifts in Teton Village.
Feather earrings like this for $30
And wire wrapped goods like this for $18-30.

I just got that all set up so (fingers crossed) I'll be making some cash flow. I'm working on my website for the jewelry set to launch before my 29th birthday (March) so stay tuned... I'm currently accepting jobs for custom work, so if you're gearing up for Valentine's Day, email me at

Josh is good, skis a lot. We finally got him his very own computer so that I don't have to share anymore, and we're getting super geeked out and networking them together with a single hard drive we can share wirelessly!

so yeah, there's the quick update and I look forward to reconnecting with all of you out there and getting back into the swing of writing at least twice a week. It's good for all of us- catharsis.


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