Monday, April 14, 2008

Well, here goes...

I really have very little to say at the moment, but that seems to be how it goes everytime I've tried to write in this thing. Everyone seems so much wittier and smarter than I; I'm just afraid I can't live up to the other blogs out there. I'm not doing much in my life right now other than rock climbing, so I'm thinking that this would be a cool way to let friends and family know what's going on with my newest passion.

Saturday night we had inventory at the store, so I was there pretty late, but as soon as we wrapped up there, I was off to Sandrock. Erin and I got there around 11:45 and hung out with the boys for a minute, did some bouldering, then set up the tent and went to sleep. Sunday morning we all woke up early, went and got some breakfast at Jacks and then started climbing. Tyler and Dave and the other hot-shots took off in one direction for some higher-grade climbing and Erin and I accompanied by Daniel and Swack took off in the other direction to climb Lichens (5.9). Daniel lead it, then Swack lead it then I was ready to clean it. Now, I've climbed Lichens once before, but I've never cleaned a route. I was all excited about it for various reasons, the main one being that if I can clean the route without falling, I should be able to lead it too. It went off without a hitch, and then I top ropped it just for fun, pretty sure next time we go I'm going to lead it.

After runnin up lichens twice, it was time for me to attempt my first lead... on a whopping 5.7! I didn't want to puch myself too hard on the first lead, needed to get my confidence up first. But I lead it, only took one hang, and I'm pissed that I did, 'cause I should have red-pointed it (not take any hangs), but my head got in the way a little. Erin went up to clean it, but she had worn herself out on Lichens and forgotten to save the energy for Girl Scout 7... so we just pulled the rope down and I lead it again, cleaning on the way down.

After that, it was lunch time... ate some soup and took a rest, hid out from the wind in the tent, then cleaned up camp and headed to hang out with the big boys for a while. David lead Heave Ho (I thought was a 5.10c/d but accourding to Willcutt it's actually a 10.11b) David, then Wilcutt then Tommy, then I decided to hop on it and give it a shot. It's the second time I've tried this route (well third, but the first time I barely worked it at all). I got above the third bolt (which is a little over half way up) , and it was not easy, i'm not gonna lie. The last time I worked it I was a move behind this time, so I'm thinking next time I'll get a little further and maybe even send the route. (the picture at the top is Heave Ho, but that was taken the weekend before last... we always forget to take pictures when I do the cool stuff)

After that, the sun wasn't hitting us anymore and we were getting tired, and cold... So Cracker Barrel fed Erin and I some dinner and we headed home.

That's this weekend's recap of the crag.

I'm going to go get ready for bed (I'm a looser, it's only 10:30). But I am getting up early to work out before work... so NIGHT all


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