Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why do we climb?

Sometimes when I'm out bouldering I start to wonder, "Why the hell am I doing this?" Especially when I know that if I just stood up, I could be on top of the rock. It amazes me the strange positions we attempt to put our bodies into and the amount of time it takes us to move two feet to top out a boulder.

I went to Horse Pens 40 yesterday evening and just couldn't seem to get the motivation to lift my ass off the ground- literally. I'm sitting on the pad with this beautiful formation in front of me with AWESOME positive holds for my hands and pretty solid feet, but I was missing the key ingredient- core. I sat there and starred at this rock for a good minute, just begging my body to tighten up and stand UP! This is one of those times when I asked myself "why do I climb?"

I left HP40 (slightly disappointed in my not-so-hot climbing performance) and drove back to Hoover to spend the rest of the evening playing photographer. I love climbing, and I love taking pictures, and now I've managed to find a way to do both. The boys have been projecting a problem called Serenity Now. It's a V8... like the juice. It's on an overhung slab at about 45 degrees and it's a highball to boot. We had to anchor in to the slab below just to hold the pads in place.

When they first started this project- we had 5 or 6 spotters and 8 or so pads, Khoury and Tyler have become so dedicated that they will do it with two pads and only one spotter (me on camera, so if they asked me to I could put the camera down and spot...)

Why do we climb? The pictures, of course!!!

Tyler and Khoury started a trend, others wanted to try it out too...

Why do we climb? Adrenaline!
But at the end of the night, (without an ascent) we packed it in with plans for tomorrows attempt...
Why do we climb? Passion!!

Why do we climb?

I cannot speak for everyone, but after ending my evening with the guys and their project I was reminded of some things:

1- I just started climbing, and if I stick with it, I too, will be doing ridiculous projects that get you out of bed in the morning

2- Climbing is not only physical strength, but also mental

3- Everyone looks like a bad-ass when they climb (especially in pictures)

4- I climb because it reminds me that I have to take it one step at a time, or I'll fall off the rock, but if I'm climbing with the right people, someone is always going to be there when I fall

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