Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting excited!

I just got this picture from my friend Dave. This was about a month ago out at Sandrock. The name of this climb is Windows... it's just a top rope (5.8 i think) but I tell you scrambling to set up the top rope here was the scariest part of the climb!

Hadn't gone climbing since HP40 the other night, so there's not much to report... unless you want to hear about the Sierra Nevada Summerbrew that I had while watching Law and Order SVU last night (Robin Wiliams played the perp... good episode)
However, Erin and I leave in 2.5 weeks for Reno!!! We are going to spend a week with our friend Alex climbing around Lake Tahoe and having the time of our lives! I'm getting so excited. I need to make a packing list.
SO far I know that I'm taking:
crash pad
2 pair climbing shoes
quick draws (have 5 need to buy 5 more before we leave)
slings and webbing
camcorder and point and shoot camera (debating the SLR)
sleeping bag
stove (debateable if I want to attempt to fly with it or not- 'cuase I have to check it and I HATE checking luggage...)
pots and pans
bathing suit
2 pair shorts
1 pair long pants
sports bras
tank tops
1 dress (i mean we'll be at lake tahoe over memorial day weekend!)
WHAT am I forgetting?

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