Friday, November 20, 2009


Please let it snow soon.
I'm actually ready this year!!!

I have my snowboard set up almost dialed in. I'm looking at a new snowboard that my friend Whitney won in a raffle. It's too small for her, but a 148 is PERFECT for me, being more of a beginner.

It's a Roxy Team MTX Banana Board, retails for $510 just the board, but she's going to sell it to me for $375- with bindings!!! I haven't seen and touched the board itself yet- she gets back to Jackson tomorrow- but every snowboarder I've talked to says it's the BEST board I could possibly get. Luckily for me, it's really short so not too many gals are gonna be jumping all over this. My friend Evan said that if I don't buy this board, I'll be kicking myself all season! SO hopefully, by opening day I'll be riding this:

Other than the board, I'm ALL SET! Josh's discount at Sports Authority is quite helpful for both of us getting our gear dialed in...

All we need now is some SNOW!!!!!!

Dear Mother Nature,
We are REALLY REALLY sorry for all the pollution we have put into your lungs. We are sorry for stripping the world of it's natural resources. I promise to do all in MY power (and the rest of my household) to continue to be conscious about what we take and what we give back. I recycle, I compost, I don't run the water while brushing my teeth. I carpool to work. As soon as the mountain opens, I promise to ride the bus to and from town. I will do everything I can to make you happy again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it SNOW!!!!!!!!! I will continue to spread the word in the fight against the climate crisis. I will reduce, reuse and recycle MORE! Just a little snow!!!!
Thanks you very much!

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