Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Happy List

I was not tagged, but it seemed like fun... so here goes!


1-Josh. It's pretty cheesy I know, but he does! I tell him daily. He does some of the funniest stuff. He would kill me if I outted him on the Internet, but sometimes I just sit back and watch him in his quirky, adorable ways.

2-Elu! She makes my life so much more interesting. I love spending my free time hiking in the woods or snuggling by the fire with her

3-Making jewelry- it's my favorite way of expressing myself... plus, I always have something to wear with every outfit!! Even if I have to throw it together at the last minute

4- Hansen's Soda- I LOVE soda, but do not really like High Fructose Corn Syrup or any of the other not-so-natural crap they put in Coke and other sodas. Hansen's is all natural, made with cane sugar. They have delicious flavors like Kiwi Strawberry and Mandarin Orange. so. very. delicious.

5- The Tetons, and the fact that I get to look at such a majestic mountain range every day!
*in the 1820's French Canadian Fur trappers came to Jackson Hole and named these mountains Let Tois Tetons, or the Three Breasts... I live amongst WAY prettier boobies than those in Miami or LA, that's for sure!!!

6- Music Festivals: There is nothing quite like sitting in a field with your friends, drinking a coldbeer, dancing when you feel like it and eating turkey sandwiches and quesadillas. I always have a giant grin on my face when I spend a weekend not dealing with the stress of work, home responsibilities and just hang out and listen to good music!

7- The Seasons! I wanted to put them all separately, but I would use up four whole things on my ten favorite... so I'm going to lump them into one, as no one outdoes the other.
7a- summer- come on, who doesn't love summer! swimming, boating, bare skin, bare FEET!, warm temperatures, camping, wildlife!

7b fall- the colors change, the weather cools, you get to wear scares again, Halloween, flannel pants..

7c-winter- snow, snow boots, fires, snowboarding, snow, cute hats, beards (on men), fleece pants and apple cider!

7d-spring- warming temperatures make it great for hiking, there's new life springing up and the rivers rage when the run offs hit...

to sum it up, I love the change of seasons and I love the things that come with each season. You've always got CHANGE. Life can't get too monotonous for very long. There's always a change of the seasons.

8- Hot Showers- When I grow up, my number one priority in my home (besides that it sit on lots of land) will be by bathroom. I could live in a tent as long as my (indoor) bathroom is top-of-the-line. The center of a bathroom, for me, is the shower. I long to be able to sit down, maybe watch TV and just let the hot water fall on my back... but for now. I just take the computer speakers into the bathroom, plug in the iPod or the laptop and steam up our tiny bathroom. It's my favorite time of day. Pure muscle relaxation.

9- Water- I'm a water sign... whatever that means... I am in awe at the power of water. It has shaped and carved this Earth for hundreds of thousands of years and continues to do so on a regular basis. It creates rain, it carves canyons and rushes in rivers, dams up and makes lakes... not to mention the Ocean and it's vastness. Water is the force of life and is always in motion.

10- My whereabouts in life right now... the circumstances of events which lead me here were not ideal, things did not go as I had originally planned, But I'm here and I'm loving my life. I have a great condo in an awesome town with a cool roommate, and a sweet dog. I have a great job (where I got a promotion, by the way), a good group of friends, wonderful family and a man to share it all with.


Family Snodgrass said...

I love Hansen's too! And congrats on your promotion!

Tricia said...

thanks Elizabeth!