Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in the Tetons!

Christmas is always hard when you're not around your family. We've been doing Christmas in a pretty certain way for a very long time. I got grumpy when I was a teenager and my first cousin got married, bringing in new folks was kinda strange... then babies then worst, meals started changing. We no longer did Christmas Eve dinner, we did lunch... I digress. This year was a WHOLE 'NOTHER world! It turned out to be fabulous!

Josh and I did our Christmas present-exchanging on C'mas Eve. In addition to the Wii Fit Plus (complete with Wii ski and the snowboarding game!), I received a stocking. My boyfriend knows me too well...

The big bottle is dark, but it's a "Howling Wolf" from Grand Teton Brewing Company.
SO... in addition to opening presents we "conference called" Josh's family, his mom read the Night Before Christmas- quite possibly the most epic reading of that story ever! We also watched my favorite Christmas movie of all time "Emmit Otter's Jug Band Christmas"

Christmas morning we slept in, then skiied (together!) for about an hour, then headed back tot he house to prepare for our Christmas FEAST!!! We had ten friends, two turkeys, plenty of booze, and a chocolate fountain (thanks Mom! Josh LOVES it!). Here's some shots of our fabulous party!

we started the day with a tribute to Choo-Choo and his famous milk punches!

Josh prepped the bird(s)...

Took a second to get a picture from our balcony

Played a rousing game of Wii Bowling

Enjoyed Appetizers

Then enjoyed a delicious meal...

the aftermath...

So in conclusion:
Christmas is never as good as it is when you are with your family. Luckily, friends are the family you choose- so none of us were without!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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