Sunday, December 20, 2009


I look forward to Saturday all week long! Not only is it my day off, and my day to spend the whole day snowboarding, but also it's my day to shred with Christen!
Yesterday was the first Saturday that the Gondola was open (and the Tram... but I'm not ready for that just yet). So, I met Christen at 11 and we hit up the Gondi. We turned on my JHTapped App to log our runs for the day. We rode straight down from the Gondola Summit on Sundance first, then we hit up a second lap, this time going from the G.S. to the Casper lift via the Amphitheater Traverse (all the yellow lines on the trail map are traverses- "cat tracks" and they are a bitch!) We rode the Casper lift a few times, had a beer at the restaurant (okay, three) then rode down via the Southpass Traverse- where I was graciously helped along the flats by a skier's pole pull. Then down Werner and onto Teewinot.

My log said we did three runs totalling 2,074 vertical feet- but I don't think it logged all of it.

Apres at Nick Wilson's (where Josh bar-backs) was stellar! Santa dropped out of the bottom of the tram. I left my camera inside, but here's a pic from the web (last year)

We watched Santa, had some beers, had some shots and called it a night at 7 or 8. Josh came home several hours later... we were some of the more tame ones leaving so early.

In short: Saturdays are fun!

cannot wait to see what next Saturday will bring. Hopefully some POWDER and a full day of making turns! And, hopefully I'll remember to get some action shots! and some Board shots! Maybe I'll even get saucy before the season's over and get some video. Stay tuned...

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