Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 15- Day Two

Getting started is always the hardest part of any adventure. There's the planning, which for the most part we did months ago, but there's always last minute shit-we-forgot errands. These errands are are fun- but hectic. Today we spent the better part of the day running around a town we don't live in trying to tie up the last of the loose ends. Finally we got to our first real stop on our trip, and for the first time really got to know our Universe. We are just beginning the long journey of becoming the most efficient, dialed-in, badass travelers. There are certainly things that need to be tweaked- but that's part of the fun! My food boxes need some attention, but I'll have to cook a few more meals to figure that one out. There are other things that I'm sure need reorganizing, but we won't notice until we come across an issue.

There is bound to be a learning curve in EVERY aspect of our trip, where and when to get gas, how to cook the best meals, where to hike- Our trip will no doubt be full of discovery...

April 16 Day 3
Things we discovered (or rediscovered) today:

*There are more things that we need quick access to than there are "quick access places" (qaps) in the car
Annoyingly, we have the bikes on the back of the car, because we don't have roof racks for them- so every time we need to get to something we either have to a) have Josh hold the tailgate with the bikes (HEAVY) up while I quickly root through the stuff to get to whatever it is we need or b) take the bikes off, open back hatch, get what we need then reattach bikes. This makes our only two "qaps" the back doors- leaving us with very little. It's a constant unpack and repack mess.

*I suffer from severe dust allergies, apparently.
Who knew? Not I! I thought I had no major physical ailments. Well, the dust makes my sinuses close up and swell. I can't blow my nose, 'cause it's so dry but I feel like I have a million pounds of snot in my face.

*Failed attempts to do something epic will happen, however, we can still see some pretty cool stuff.

*Cows apparently give birth in the first two weeks of April
we saw SEVERAL babies (and may have heard one giving birth all night)!!

*Red beans and Rice with Summer Sausage and pepper jack cheese is the Bomb!

April 17, day 4
Things we (re)discovered today

*Earth is a spectacular planet and we are pretty damn lucky to have the opportunity and ability to explore as much of it as possible!

*Mirages are not a myth!
The desert (I was WELL hydrated!) will make you see things that are not there!

*Chimney-ing is much easier going down.
If it was trying on the way down, going up is going to be twice as hard.

*Gear that is designed for the job you need it for is worth every penny!
My new shoes (bought on sale for $75!) grip so well on rock, I feel like Spiderman!

*Echos can really happen like they do in the movies.
We yelled in a canyon and heard a response as clear as day a few seconds later.

*We are small

*Cooking in bed after a long day's hike is awesome!

if you would like to see ALL the pics you can view my facebook album here.
also, sorry for the wishy-washy left, center, small, large pics- the Internet here in Green River Utah is kinda crappy and I don't feel like re-uploading.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick post and thanks to Josh for checking in. Moms always sleep better when they know their ducklings are safe. Awesome photos. I like the big, small, left, right. Haven't backpacked (or camped for that matter) in several years. Your adventure is inspiring me. Barb

Tricia said...

Let's go camping in Michigan, then!