Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From Condo to Subaru. Vol 2

Closets are FUN! (not)

SO on my clothing reduction I had to break it down even more... four piles were necessary here.
1-keep with: this is a TOUGH decision. because I never know what I'm going to need- especially given the climates I'll be traveling though. But clothes are a luxury on this trip.
2- storage: most things in this pile ended up being strictly winter clothes and "fancy" clothes
3- Browse-N-Buy :our local thrift store... pretty small pile, because I recently purged a lot.
4- Christen's pile- I made a deal with my dear friend that she could "babysit" some of my summer clothes and shoes while I was gone. She's a lucky girl that she's my exact body twin- down to the freakishly small hands (carnies!)

So, I have a large garbage bag full of clothes and shoes and eventually some movies and a Wii console that she will be in charge of for the next three months. I have a few things that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy that are going to the browser and I have a suitcase and a couple boxes of clothes going to a storage unit. The problem is, I think that I still have more clothes than are necessary for a road trip. I have to remind myself that there are laundry mats in most towns and there's really no need to look cute for the coyotes and bugs in the desert. (and I guess Josh knows this by now lol).

SO here's the inventory list of what one NEEDS on a long road trip:
1 pair jeans
1 pair long (quick dry) pants
1 pair PJ pants (they are great for car rides and sometimes you need them to sleep in too)
1 pair shorts (I hate shorts so I'm allowing extra skirts)
2 skirts- skirts are SO vital for traveling, they are comfy and cool yet you can hike in them if necessary- I live in tennis skirts in the woods in the summer.
1 "festival dress"
1 "cute outfit" for when we end up in a town for a few days, never know when you are gonna wanna go out dancing
2 (okay 3) pair of shoes- 1 Chaco, 1 hiking boot and 1 lounge shoe
ALL underwear. I don't care how many laundromats we pass- I need enough panties to last three weeks in the desert...
1 "real bra"
5 sports bras
5-8 tank tops
3-4 tee shirts
3-4 long sleeved shirts
1 hoodie
1 pair longjohns
2 jackets
10 pair socks.
2 bathing suits

At first I was trying to go on the backpacking rule, one of each length pant and one of each length shirt- but that's not happening for me. I like to wear clean clothes. so I need enough to only wash stuff once a week- maybe less. This, is by far my biggest challenge on what I can bring and what I have to leave here. I will be shipping some stuff to my sister in Alabama so that I can have an outfit to wear out with family. I will also, most likely ship a few things to Michigan so that I can mix it up a bit when I get up there. I'm toying with the idea of vacuum sealing a few bags of clothes for "emergencies" so they won't take up as much room.

Whew! I guess I need to get back to work, as I sat down mid-packing spree to write this entry =)

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