Sunday, May 2, 2010

After Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon we moved our camp just down the way to a spot more sheltered from the wind
We stayed in the San Rafael Swell one more night then headed south to Escalante...

We stopped to have a beer and gather local info at the Escalante Outfitters. It was here, that we ran into some old friends of Josh's. Tulsa and Mac were on vacation from Montana with their dog Shackelton. Shack rode in the side car of Tulsa's enduro bike...

Plans were altered... we camped with Tulsa and Mac (and Shackelton) for two nights and did a little hiking with them

Josh took Shackelton for a spin

Then we said our goodbyes to our friends, said we would come visit them at the Yodeler Motel(which they are the proud owners of) and parted ways.

Tulsa and Mac (who by the way is from Alabama... who knew I'd meet a fellow 'Bamaian way out here in the desert?!?!) went north towards Moab and we headed to the Hole in the Rock road.

The Hole in the Rock is famous in the Mormon community for the trek made back in the 1800's from Escalante to the San Juan River... it was one heck of a trek by horse and wagon let me tell you- 'cause it was a long ride in the Subaru.

The first day we spent looking for the home. It took a while, we went to several open houses, we walked around a few nice lots- but we went back to the first one we looked at and moved right in. It had everything, a view, shelter from the wind, a nice neighborhood- unfortunately it was in a bit of a drainage, but this is the desert, so it doesn't rain-- right?!?

We spent three days playing in slot canyons and taking pictures... doing what we do...

Lake Powell is at the end of the 54 mile dirt road and down a STEEP trail about 1/2 a mile... but totally worth the haul to see clear water

Then wouldn't you know, at 5 AM this morning, Josh woke me up to inform me it was "game time" it was pouring and we had to pack up and move out of our humble abode before we got washed away. So we drove to town and got a room at the Outfitters (we were going to just get a tent site, but the temptation of a queen sized bed for only $30 more was too much) and started planning our backpacking trip in the Escalante National Monument. We're off in the early morning and we'll be back in about a week. With plenty pictures and stories to tell!

Have a great week!!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Thanks for the posts. I'm off to buy a map of Utah today so I can visualize where in the world you two are. Barb