Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miss me?

Well!! We have been all over the map since I've last found the time to blog. Please check out the full array of photos on Facebook. I'm currently sitting in Denny's trying to get all the pics on the Internet so that friends and family can see... but finding the time to type out all my journals and thoughts is a different story altogether. The short story is: we spent two, maybe three weeks in Escalante, Ut down Hole-in-the-Rock road. Then headed to Zion National Park for about a week and in both places got in some really cool slots canyons!! Our technical canyoneering skills are being honed every day. Along with our physical skills, our photography skills are also being honed. (While we're at improvements- my legs and arms are getting rather toned as well!)

The highlight of our technical canyoneering career took place in Zion just three days ago. We hiked/rappelled Pine Creek. Pine Creek is considered a "classic moderate" technical slot canyon (the advanced technicals will have to wait until next year- they are a bit of a jump up in skill level from what we are used to) Pine Creek had six rappels: the first one just 100 yards from the parking lot! We geared up in full wet suits, complete with booties and gloves, and boy were we glad we did, because we did some full-on swimming! and boy, was it CHILLY! We had to carry two ropes with us, one 10 meter and one 60 meter. We were able to use the shorter rope for most raps, as they were short and sweet. The final rappel, however, was 96 feet, and free-haning! the idea of it was a little scary at first. Josh and I both, strangely enough, are a little fearful of heights when ropes are not in the equation. The scary part, is setting up the ropes and clipping in, but once your are attached and secured to the rope, it is one of the most exhilarating experiences ever!

I promise to post pictures soon, with commentary so you can follow along. But, like I said, we're dealing with shotty Internet (at best) and I cannot overload my poor browser with uploading in more than one spot at a time. We are leaving Page, Arizona post-haste headed for the Grand Canyon and from there we will be in Las Vegas. Once we get to Vegas (and get a hotel room) I'll have more time to commit to blogging (maybe...) either way, stay tuned!!!

Okay, okay, I'll give you a little teaser:

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