Monday, May 24, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

Okay, so there was very little down time in Vegas for me to follow up on my previous word... sorry 'bout that. We are starting out eastward trek after some relaxing downtime in Denver. "Downtime" is probably a humorous description coming from one with no job, no real destination and no time frame. But I will tell you that keeping up with adventures is a difficult task and I can only hope to do them justice in writing and pictures- stay tuned!

As for Vegas: I don't even know how to start. To put it most simply I felt more out-of-my-element there than I ever did 75 miles from pavement in the Dollhouse, miles from human contact in the depths of a slot canyon or anywhere in the wilderness altogether. I spent the whole time there just soaking it all in. That place is spectacular, and frightening all at once! But over all I had a GREAT time!! I sat down at a black jack table with $60 and left with $180! so I feel accomplished and Josh won a hundred or so over the weekend. We saw the Beatles Cirque du Soleil and it was beautiful and fantastic.... Pics and stories to come in chronological order.

I am SO behind, I know, I know!! But I just want to leave you with the ultimate promise that I will indeed share my adventures in due time. For now, I am safe and happy and well fed and put up with friends in Denver.

Here's another couple of pictures that I love!


Anonymous said...

Love this photo! Has Josh told you the North Carolina waterfall story? The one where Brooke and I almost lost all 3 of our boys? Barb

Yoga Raharja said...

Very nice place....