Wednesday, October 8, 2008

not too much to report...

The jobs is good. I'm working four ten hour shifts this week, and my feet are paying for it. But I like the people I work with, they are all fun kids, and most are from the south, which is pretty neat. The job itself is pretty standard retail: open, vacuum, dust, fold, unpack boxes, help customers, answer the phone, dust, fold, vacuum, close. But it's a good work environment and I like it.

I start job number 2 on Monday, working for the Jackson Whole Grocer at the juice bar. Making smoothies and whatnot. That should be cool, I'll fill you in on that after I start.

This weekend was alright, I went out Friday night to celebrate the gettin' of a job. There was a touch of drama, but no biggie. Saturday night I went out with Shane and her man du jour. Met up with a guy friend of mine and had a blast!! Then said friend and I went to a movie (date?) Sunday night and also had a blast. Monday I worked ALL day, so I was pretty beat but managed to rally for a beer and dinner with Christen and Audrey, said cutie pie came out for that as well. Tonight I went out for a minute after work for my friend Michelle's little brother's birthday (22) and now I am home, at 11, about to go to sleep. But realized I haven't updated in a while and you guys might be interested in the goings on of life since the I HAVE A JOB post.

In other news...
FROST! lots of it. I forgot to check and see if I needed to defrost my car before getting dressed this morning (lesson learned, always start vehicle BEFORE you're actually ready to leave. SO I had to scrape ice from my windshield before leaving the house.

Better get used to it, because Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we're supposed to get SNOW and the high is going to be 38 or so. Lows of 17. Wish me luck with the cold.

Okay all, I'm sleepy and going to bed. I hope all is well where you are living. Let me know.

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