Monday, October 27, 2008

WOW! I've been away for a little while, sorry about that, the lack of internet and mass amounts of working have left me little opportunity to sit down and let my adoring public (ie- Mom and Dad) know whats going on here in Jackson. So I will try and be brief yet as information filled as possible....

1- the job front.
Jackson Whole Grocer is the BEST job I've ever had! I feel a sense of pride and ownership every day that I go to work there. I also love the people that i work with, they are fun and bright and environmentally conscious. Fernando, a guy that works in the deli, is teaching me Spanish. We have a phrase a day and I practice it and the previous phrases with him throughout the day. Jessa, my manager is is great, and treats me like a friend and equal rather than a lowley employee. And Bob, the owner of the store, knows my name and my face at the same time and always makes sure to great me when I see him. And to top it all off, I got my first pay check on Friday and it turns out that I'm getting paid a dollar more an hour than I thought I was making.
However, to counter act 20-25 hours a week of an awesome job I have to spend 32 hours or so at a job that is hardly rewarding at all. The job itself is not bad, it's retail, and for the most part I enjoy retail. I like seeing customers and chatting with them about their trips or their activities that they enjoy. It's the people that I work with that make the job less than enjoyable. There are a few people that I like working with, but we rarely work together. I just don't feel at home when I work. I feel like an outsider and no matter what I do and how well intentioned I am, it's just not right. I actually got reprimanded (not by a manager, but just a fellow employee) for opening a box sub-par. I have a total of three years retail management experience, I'm pretty sure I have opened a box before! And my boss at JD has no idea who I am, he's nice, knows that I'm a "southern belle," but he's not aware of my name or anything. It's just less personable and friendly of a place to work. I am not happy there. BUT I'll survivie, at least until I can find another place to spend my precious time slaving away.

I would love to be able to go full time at Jackson Whole Grocer and part time at Jack Dennis, but I'm not sure that Jessa needs me full time. I've put a bug in her ear about it already, so we'll see.

I'm sure that the fact that I haven't had a day off in 15 days MIGHT have something to do with my disdane... we shall see. At least I reaped the benifits in my pay checks!!!

I wish that I had more to talk about besides work... let's see... I guess I could introduce you to the memebers of the household....

Jeff Clough. Jeff hails from Tennessee, he's 27, a former chef and current butcher at Jackson Whole Grocer, brings home food and cooks it for us! So glad I gave up on being a vegatarian! He's my sanity in the house full of women, and quickly made it to my favorite people list.

Next we have the baby of the house, my best friend in Jackson, Shane Crabtree. Shane is a Jackson native, born and raised right here in the valley. She is a recent graduate of Montana State University, with a BS in kinesieology, She returned to her hometown at he begining of the summer and is a FINE front desk and reservationist at the Trapper Inn and Suites (which btw if you ever come visit we will do our best to hook you up with a room there). In this picture, Shane is to the right, the smiley face on the left is another native, Christen.

Liz McCarty, 27, a good old southern girl herself has been in Jackson for a number of years. She is currently working for the Mountain, as a snow shovel boss and also works for the airport. She's a sweetheart and makes a hard day in Jackson a little softer with her smile

Representing Michigan, we have Brandi Lee Dean. Brandi, 27, is a bartender at the Virginian and also a server/bartender at 43 North. She is newly "on the market" and enjoys nights on the town. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of Brandi at the moment, but I promise to get one soon, but trust me, she's beautiful!

Representing the west coat, we have Megan Wilson, from Eugene Oregon. Megan also works at the airport. She is 26. Megan loves to travel. Since we've been living in the house she has been on two rather exciting vacations, once to NM for a hot air balloon show and now she is in Tailand for two weeks!

In addition to the roommates of the human persuasion, we have four furry friends sharing our home with us.

You all know Elu...

Lucy belongs to Liz. She is a 5 year old Boarder Collie mix with lots of spunk and love to share. She can "break dance" and its the coolest thing you've ever seen! she also love to give hugs and kisses! She's a momma dog like no other and helps keep Elu in check, as much as one can at least.

Kipper lives in Brandi's room and often likes to put herself to bed. She's a mutt of the best kind, full of love and snuggles.

Zion, next to Elu, is the love of my life! Often refred to tenderly as Fur Pig, Zion likes to grunt, both when happy or a little grumpy. Zion rivals Elu on cuddles and loves a good steak, just like her daddy, Jeff. Elu and Zion had a hard time getting to know each other, but now they are thick as thieves, In fact, when I have to go to work all day, Jeff will often take Elu and Zion with him into town to run errands, When Jeff was getting his tattoo done the other day both ladies chilled out in the shop and waited patiently until he was finished.

That's the house. It's a busy life, but it's quite pleasant. When all six of us are home, which is rare, we don't seem to get in each other's way at all. Jeff and Shane and I spend the most time here in the evenings. We cook and watch movies, play Monoploy and hang out. I am very content with my life here at 9855 Hwy 89.

Well, that's it for now. I'll catch you up on more later. Night

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