Sunday, November 2, 2008

the life of a work-a-holic!

I need to get to the gym like my life depends on it, in fact, it just might. I've been working so much lately that I have neglected to take care of my body, and it's quite obvious. I've gained nearly 5 pounds since I've been in Jackson! The first month was attributed to constant partying and eating out. This last month I blame working. I just finished my work week- it's strange to me that out here weeks go Monday to Sunday, at home work schedules always went Sunday to Saturday, but I digress. So at 2:34 when I clocked out today I just finished working a 64 hour week. And now I have the afternoon to do with what I please. I'm fighting off taking a nap, because then I will never go back to sleep! I have to work a 12 hour day tomorrow and I am going to need as much sleep as I can get tonight. It's football Sunday, not that I'm really that into NFL football, but I've been unable to watch college football because I've had to work on Saturdays, so maybe I'll partake in some football for the hell of it. Or I might just watch some TV shows on We shall see.

In other news, work is good. and in other other news, I have a day off this Friday!!! =) hehe hopefully once the show starts falling I will have something fun to report. Oh wait!!!! I got a new snowboard jacket and pants yesterday. ON SUPER SALE for $150 I got a Polar Max baselayer, a Spyder Jacket and a pair of Nils board pants. (the jacket was originally $200 and the Pants $150... so I think I did quite well!!!)

Okay, later dudes!

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