Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You had a bad day....

I just wanted to give a shout-out to my best friend in the world. Megan Gowers is always there for me! Even 1800 miles away, she's there. She's the only person that can pretty much remind me that I'm being a crazy stupid girl without making me feel bad about being a crazy stupid girl.

I was having a rough day. I broke down at work for no particularly good reason (there was a trigger for my break down, but it wasn't really something worth crying over). So I took a break to go outside and call Megan. She talked me down, bringing to the forefront the underlying problem: I'm home sick. She said it point blank, "Tricia, you're home sick and you've been working so much that you've just worn yourself out with worry and stress." She was so right. Once I admitted to myself that I miss Alabama (gasp!) I started to feel better. I do have friends out here, but none that will EVER, EVER compare to my friendship with Megan.

God knows that Megan and I have not been without our fair share of issues. I've done some things and said somethings and NOT done some things that have put a strain on our friendship, and she's done some things to piss me off as well, but we're still friends and will always be, regardless of distance and time.

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