Sunday, November 23, 2008

A weekend Update

Totally meant to take my camera and take pictures, sorry for my lack of responsible blogging....

Friday night was "girls" night! and Oh how I love girls' night!!! Sarah, my friend form the Tonic Bar, and I decided to make it a night on the town.  I met her at her house and we walked into town to hit up the Cadillac Grille.  The Caddy is the best spot to start the night because it's pretty chill and reminds me of a 50's diner! Plus they have THE BEST happy hour in town: two for one (anything!!!).  SO we had a couple of cocktails, sent some guys a note across the bar (yes, a la high school) to inform them that we would be going to the Silver Dollar Bar and Grille at the Wort Hotel.  They met us there, because well, wouldn't you if two hot girls sent you a note!  We had some drinks there, danced a touch to the band and then ventured out to 43 North for 80's night! Now, this is THE "dance club" in Jackson.  It's where everyone goes on Friday night, because there are a total of five places to go. 

 There seems to be a locals following.  Every Tuesday, it's the Wort for Bluegrass, Wednesday is Whiskey Wednesday at Cutty's and then Karaoke at the Virginian (Affectionately known as the Virg.) and then Thursday night is Ladies' night at the Tavern, Friday 43 and I have no idea what goes on Saturday night, because I have to work at 6am on Sundays.  (that is in no way saying that I go out every night of the week, but some weeks it may be a Tuesday and some weeks a Wednesday and so forth).  

Anyway, my night was amazing! I had fun, and very little drama occurred, except for the time that some guy bumped into me and I tried to getup in his face, luckily for him, he promptly apologized for causing me to spill my dink, and offered to buy me a new one. Luckily for his pocket, I only spilled a little and it was my last drink anyway, so I thanked him for his graciousness and declined the new drink.  

Saturday was a lazy day: started off with some breakfast with Sarah and her boyfriend at Bubba's (no website to link you to, but trust me it's pretty good!!) followed by some much needed couch snuggling with Elu.  Then Elu and I ventured into town to do a little shopping and walking around the square.  We picked up (way too much) Mexican food and went to watch football over at Jeff's new pad.  He's got quite the set up: two beds, a tv with free cable, all the hot water and heat you could shake a stick at and maid service! Sadly, living in a hotel does not give you the best set up for a kitchen, hence the mass amounts of Mexican food. 

Well, there ya go, a recap on my weekend.  

My Mom and Sister come out this week for Turkey Day, and I will be trying my first ever attempt at cooking a bird, wish me luck!

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