Sunday, December 21, 2008

Layering... it's not just for fashion anymore!


It's COLD. 

it's too cold to snow.  It's negative one. that's -1. One degree below ZERO, thirty three degrees below freezing! that's really really cold! and it's only December! 

We all know that layering is the way to go when it comes to fashion, I mean DUH! but it can also be a rather functional survival technique.  And it's used in more than one aspect in my life... 

 I wake up and put my socked feet into my  furry house slippers (thanks Momma Clause!!) (two layers)

When I get out of the shower, I wrap up in a towel, keep it on then layer my robe on top.

Getting dressed for work: bottom half: Capline 1 or tights (anything heavier is too hot to be indoors in) Jeans or other pant, then if it's blizzardy conditions or I plan to be walking around for long periods of time my snow pants will go on top.  The top half: bra, wicking tank top, long sleeved shirt (or Capline/Thermasilk/Polarmax base layer), sweater or second "cute" top, vest (sometimes), scarf, jacket, hat. 

do not forget the gloves!!

layering AT work: coffee. okay, it's not really a layer- but totally necessary for survival

Lunch: bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, bread...

then when I get home and get ready to go to bed my FAVORITE layering technique: making the bed. 

bottom layer: sheet, fleece blanket {ME} patchwork quilt, comforter (folded in half to make it two layers in itself) chenille blanket, ELU!!! always top off the layering with a nice think furry layer of DOG!!! It's the only way to survive Winter in Wyoming. 

I'm aware none of this is new, per se, but interesting none the less the added steps I go through that I wouldn't have to do in Alabama. 

OH, PS. the HEATED SEATS in the Subey are the bomb! My ass is so nice and warm when I get in my car.

Next on the list of things to purchase for the vehicle is an automatic engine starter!!!

Okie Dokie- off to snuggle in deep under all those layers! Night

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