Monday, December 22, 2008


I woke up this morning to 12 inches of new snow! Which is totally awesome and also a HUGE pain in the ass. I literally had to dig my car out of the snow. Be sure and check out the webcam today- you can't see much for all the snow! (actually make sure you click on the Snow King Web cam... 'cause that's a block from Jeff's apartment, where I am at the moment).

I've got a lot to do on my day off!! 

I'm headed to Kmart to buy some essentials:
zip-side snow shell pants so I can easily layer over my jeans
long-handled window scraper (those dinky ones we use back home do NOT cut it)
Gators- so that the snow (which is higher than my snow boots) does not slip INSIDE my boots and make my feet wet and cold.
a second pair of long johns- seeing as I am wearing them everyday now
puffy vest (although I think I might be headed to the Brows-N-Buy Thrift shop for that)
water-proof gloves

Other essentials not so related to snow that I need:
paper towels

Also I have to go register my new vehicle and get my Wyoming Plates! how cool?!?!

Okay, well I'm off to get some things done!

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Chams said...

Hey Tricia! Yeah- Ken and I work for a federal defense contractor and we are moving to London for a year or so. We leave for the long haul Jan 6th. I haven't figured out this whole blog thing like you have. Yours looks really nice. How do you like Wyoming? Hope you have a great holiday! If you are ever in the UK let us know!