Monday, March 30, 2009

Cabin Fever

I have figured out what it is... this thing that won't go away in my head.  This feeling of grumpiness and depression, sleeping all the time, crying without warning.  It's totally CABIN FEVER!  I haven't seen the sun in days, it's cold and everyone is leaving town for the off season.  

The Internet is my only salvation.  I'm actually glad I'll be working a lot.  At least I'll be out of the house. I just NEED to see grass! I NEED Vitamin D, I NEED to go on a walk without having to wear layers of clothes.  I want to feel the wind on my face without feeling like it's about to freeze off! I want to go to these places:

Instead I'm knee deep in snow here in Winter Wonderland!!!

That is why right now, I am vowing to save up my money so at this time next year I can go to Mexico.  Anyone want to save money for Mexico with me??? 

On a lighter note, I'm going snowboarding today.  It's the last week the mountain is open and I figured, hey, why not!! But after today I'm going to find a really neat-o spot in the shed to put my board and I'm hanging it up until next winter! I'm going to get my bathing suits out and spray on some self tanner and hang out in my living room listening to Jimmy Buffet while sippin' Mojitos (my Daddy would be so proud). 

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