Sunday, March 29, 2009


friends are really hard to come by.  I sat down and did an inventory of my friends out here.  Sarah and Evan, Raci and Theo,Steve and Sarah and Lola.  Now that seems like a good amount of friends, right.  Well if you will pay closer attention: six of those friends are coupled off.  So whenever we do go out all together, I'm the seventh wheel.  Lola, I love her to death, rarely goes out... so she's my sit around and watch television buddy... which everyone needs!

All this is a new phenomenon to me.  I've been stable in the same spot up until now.  I have had friends and family galore. So much I was getting sick of them being around all the time (no offense guys... this is a metaphor).  But my point is, I've never had a lack of people to spend time with.  If I felt like I needed to get out of the house, I had a list of people I could call, and if all else failed, I knew that if I went to Bailey's (I'm not a big solo bar patron, but this was totally different)  I would run into at least someone I liked to hang out with.  

It's hard being in a (relatively) new place and making friends.  It's especially hard making girlfriends in a town where there are very few women.  And it appears, all the women have boyfriends.  Bottom line is, it's hard to meet people when you're already grown.  I'm not looking for a best friend, I have one of those 1800 miles away, I just want someone to hang out with and see a movie with and occasionally go out on the town with.  This girl can only be a homebody for so long before she starts to go insane. 

All that being said, I'm so ready fro SUMMER!!!  I can take the dog out on long hikes and not worry about getting cold or snowed in.  I can go camping and climbing again! Hell, I can go tubing on the creek from my house into "downtown" Jackson! Fishing and hot springs and FUN FUN FUN!!! 

Okay, I'm off to work now. Have a good one! 

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