Saturday, March 28, 2009

Transient ...

... Never a work I was too good at grasping. I've always been a little jealous of people who are able to pick up and leave at a moments notice. I wish I could be more transient, less domestic, more free spirited. 
I am free spirited, don't get me wrong, I do what I want within reason.  But I can't leave a job without freaking out about what I'm going to do next.  I have never worked a job for less than six months.  I am not wishy-washy for the most part and I am extremely dependable.  I don't take vacations often and i turn down fun things because I have to work.  I work the early shift on New Years Day, the day after St. Patrick's Day and my birthday.  I work. I show up on time, I stay late, in fact yesterday was my first day off in twelve days.  
My point, originally was to discuss all the transient people in Jackson.  Those folks who roll into town and get a job suitable to accommodate their skiing (or fishing, hiking etc) and they work to live.  I just realized that I totally live to work.  Raci, my new friend and co-worker and her boyfriend just got here and now they are leaving again.  It's making me lonely.  It seems the only people I meet are just passing through.  I make friends to lose them again in a few months.  Wish brings up the subject of dating.  How the hell is someone supposed to date in a town where no on stays still? 
I guess I'm a person who needs roots- dammit.  I never thought I was that type of person.  But I really like the town! I like the vibe it has and the millions of things it has to offer.  I just wish I could make friends who are planning on sticking around for a little while.  So, do I pick up again and move to a city where more people put down roots? Do I move back home where I already have roots? Or do I stay here and put down new roots of my own and hope that I encounter people looking to do the same? 
For now, I'm fine with the loneliness, it hasn't killed me yet.  For now, I'm fine with transient friendships.  Elu and I are putting down roots here in Wilson for at least six months- hopefully in that time things will have revealed themselves to me. In the mean time, I'll be biding my time in the snow. 

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