Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sometimes it sucks to be me... right now is definitely one of those times.

I have to work at 6:30 tomorrow. This is not usually a problem; I like working the morning shifts.  

The problem lies in the fact that it is 12:33 AM and I cannot sleep.
Why? Because I am a thinker.

Being a THINKER has it's ups and downs.  Generally, I enjoy escaping into my own little world and waxing philosophical about life, love the pursuit of happiness.  My head is a haven from the rest of the world.  My overactive imagination is actually one of my favorite qualities about myself. Sometimes, though, it comes and bites me in the ass! 

Thinking leads to more thinking.  One little iota of an idea grows and grows into this entire metropolis of things that could happen or should have happened or did happen.  YIKES!! 

Tonight's train of thought has led me to a list.  A list I think I will share with you.  Here, my dear readers, is a list of things I want in life: (beware of sub-categories)

1- a career
-that has a future
-that has benefits
-that I enjoy doing everyday
-(I tried and tried to come up with examples of actual careers I wanted to have, and I honestly DO NOT KNOW... and this is a terrible feeling). 
2- a significant other 
-who has a career they enjoy
- who wants a future (preferably with me)
-who also wants the same things on this list
3- to Travel 
-and to have the means to do it right
-a significant other to join me would me a huge bonus
-to live in another country for at least three months 
4- to one day own land
-5+ acres
-a veggie garden
-custom-design my home on that land
5- to one day own my own business
-a cafe/bar
-a sustainable and eco-friendly policy
-local and home-grown veggies! 
6- to learn how to be completely self-sufficient
-environmentally (ie: solar panels and water wheels)
7- to hone my creative side
-write a book
-learn how to solder silver
-become a better photographer 

There are not a lot of things on this list. I feel fairly confident I can accomplish over 75% in my lifetime and at least one in the next two years. (I'll keep you posted)

So now, at 1AM, I am going to hope that my list making has calmed my brain enough so that I might catch 40 winks- or whatever the phrase is.   

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