Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Shenanigans!

I had a pretty stellar birthday!!

Josh and I slept in just a little- got up and had coffee and slow roasted through the morning. My friend Jess text me to listen to KMTN after 10. So I streamed the station just in tome to hear a dedication to my birthday and "Birthday" by the Beatles.
Josh left to get some "real turns" in before he had to ride with me =D and I took the opportunity to make myself look cute for the day, even though I was going to be in snow clothes all day ... luckily it's warming up a lot. On a bluebird day you can totally get away with a light hoodie and a teeshirt under a shell.

Jess came over and we met up with our friend Andy. We hoped the tram. Aboard the tram, they sang Happy Birthday... I am thoroughly humiliated... but in a fun way.

First stop: Corbet's Cabin. Andy buys a round. After we drink the majority of our beers, we headed down Rendezvous Bowl and out Our Trail to a secret spot with an amazing view! Josh and a few others happened to show up too.

Then from there we met the rest of the the crew at Nick's. Drank a beer, Gondola ride to Couloir, beer...

to Casper, Beer. (sadly I forgot to charge my camera, so I missed the photo op at Casper). From Casper we skied to Aprés Vous, down to the base, did another Gondi Lap and ended the day at 4:15 or so at Nicks...

After Aprés at Nicks, Josh and Jess and I hit the hot tub. Jess went home, roommates went out for a bit, Josh and I took a nap, back up for the Indo Board session "late night). I was asleep by eleven. Had to get up and do it all over again with Christen!

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