Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rest of the weekend

Saturday Christen and I had our usual day.... It was a slightly lazier day than it has been in the past. But we got some good turns in and attempted some jumps. Hit the kiddie terrain park and practice going off kickers.

We ended the day with one last Gondi ride and shared a delicious burger that Steiner cooked us on the outdoor grille!

Sunday was a girl date with Brandi!

We stopped and watched the Dick's Ditch Comp.

We at some lunch and then did a tram lap. On top of Rendezvous we just had to take a "gaper picture"

Christen has the pics of me shredding on her camera, which her fiancé has, in San Diego or some l.a.m.e.-o excuse like that. So as soon as she gets them to me, I'll share them with you!


Christen said...

I don't like your attitude.

Tricia said...

love you!