Monday, March 29, 2010

Winter is coming to a close...

We have four days left in the ski season here in JH...
lés sigh... just as I was getting the hang of the mountain.
BUT we have had some snow! Two great pow days in a row and more snow in the forecast!

Josh and I are going to be leaving the Hole for a few months. Our lease is up, Josh's job will be over for the season on April 7 and I am recently unemployed- it only makes since to to do some traveling.

We're hoping to find someone here in Jackson keep Elu for a little bit while we bounce around the country from National Parks to Amusement Parks to Festivals. We're going (in no particular geographical or chronological order) to San Fransisco (I've never been), the Redwoods, Moab, Robbers Roost, Las Vegas, maybe the Grand Canyon, Zion, Alabama (gotta show Josh where my roots are), Michigan (to see Josh's roots), Asheville, NC, Smokey Mountains... who knows where we will end up between all the "planned" stops! I'm super pumped about getting to see more of this country. I find it strange how I can call myself an "American" when I've only visited less than half of the states, and less than a tenth of the major cities. Time to change that.

We are up for suggestions on your favorite corner of the US. Naturally, I will be blogging about this entire process... so hopefully my entries will get a lot more interesting =). We plan to be in Jackson until late April... and then, of course, we'll be moving back here in the fall to start working and preparing for NEXT SKI SEASON!

Holy shit I've become a ski bum!

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