Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keeping up with the boys

Wednesday Adam and A. Tyler and I went to Horse Pens 40. It was threatening to rain all day, but like the good climbers we are, we checked the weather before heading out there. The radar showed rain around 7 or 8, so we figured it would be well worth the quarter tank of gas and $5 day-fee to get some climbing in.

I should really start paying better attention to the names and ratings of the problems that I get on, but I'm really not all that concerned with bragging rights- well, maybe a little. We worked on three problems. The first one was a bit of a highball, and was rather reachy after the third move, so I was not able to top it out on this trip... add it to the project list. Both the boys flashed it. The second "problem" we came to was one that A Tyler and Tyler D put up (we're sure that someone's climbed it before, but it's not in the guide book, so they can claim it all day long) They named it "I've got you're momma's number" it's a 45 degree slant climb (picutre above that looks like a broken heart), really fun and easy, all three of us flased it and moved on.

[aside: this trip I was concentrating on climbing more and really didn't take any pictures at all, sorry for the lack of visuals]

The guys wanted to work on one of Adam's projects, not a clue on what it's rated, I'd put it at a V4, maybe. A Tyler flashed it (he's such a bad-ass and sometimes I hate climbing with him) Adam got on it and worked it for a minute before I looked at them and said, "I'm putting my shoes on, I think I can do this." They told me to go for it. First move, static and solid, second, static and solid... third not so beautiful but after working it for a minute I was to the crux... I use an extra hold because of my height difference, but essentially Adam and I were stuck at the same spot, his spot was just a little reachier than mine. After giving it our all for about 30 minutes, we decided to keep this one on the project list and move on.

After that we moved on to a pseudo arete problem near the bridge. Once again, Tyler with the flash and Adam and I struggling a little. Right off the bat I figured out some pretty good beta on this problem, a little different to what Adam was using. We worked this problem for a good while, Adam finally sent it, but for a good twenty minutes he and I were neck and neck...
I know that climbing is not about climbing harder than your partner, but to be able to keep up with a strong climber who has been climbing for 4 years (I've been climbig for 4 months) makes me feel good about my progress.

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